EPFR Launches Stock Flows v5 for Global Investors

Stock Flows v5 dataset delivers a more precise view into equity security-level asset flows

BOSTON, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EPFR, the industry leader in providing fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions globally, announces its Stock Flows v5 dataset. The latest offering builds upon previous versions of the dataset, which was first launched in 2016. The most recent version features a higher coverage of global equities, additional security types, and a wider range of identifiers for each of the 25,000 securities covered.

“We are thrilled to bring Stock Flows v5 to market, delivering our clients a solution predicated on greater precision and accuracy that paints a more complete picture about how individual stocks are being impacted by the funds we track,” said Sayad Baronyan, Chief Innovation Officer at EPFR. “Stock Flows has been client-driven from inception, and as EPFR continues its growth and evolution, we remain closer to our customers’ decision-making process than ever before with a solution that we control end-to-end.”

The enhancements in the latest dataset iteration are driven by greater coverage of identifiers (e.g., tickers, FIGI codes), leveraging a new proprietary security master table that precisely and accurately captures funds’ positions across global stock exchanges. With each exchange carrying its own set of standards, this security master table was developed in-house to collate the data into one singular information source.

Another key technical improvement to Stock Flows v5 is the incorporation of the number of shares held for each stock, which enables data analysts to run smoother analyses without price movement frictions. All historical data, dating back to 2010, is accessible within Stock Flows v5, with ongoing data being released on a daily basis each evening EST.

Stock Flows v5 is the latest entry in EPFR’s evolving solutions suite, which includes its flagship macro-level Fund Flows and Allocations dataset, security-level flows data (e.g., Stock Barometer, Fixed Income Flows & Holdings), along with its specialized flows, allocations and markets data (e.g., Hedge Fund Flows, China Share Class Allocations, FX Allocations, iMoneyNet money market fund data, PlacementTracker private placement markets data).

For additional information about Stock Flows v5, please visit: EPFR Stock Flows v5

About EPFR:

EPFR provides fund flows and asset allocation data to financial institutions around the world. Tracking over 150,000 traditional and alternative fund shares classes domiciled globally with more than $50 trillion in total assets, we deliver a complete picture of institutional and retail investor flows and fund manager allocations driving global markets. Our market moving data services include equity and fixed income fund flows on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and monthly fund allocations by country, sector and industry. For more information, please visit https://epfr.com/.

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