EP Cube Help Installers Win More Orders with a More Industry-friendly Design

SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Connected Technology, a residential electrical services provider based in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area, has focused primarily on installing electric vehicle chargers, whole house battery systems, and solar since 2016. With the implementation of NEM3.0, the role of residential energy storage systems has become increasingly important, and the EP Cube’s excellent performance and features have helped them better meet customer needs.

In Sacramento, summers can be scorching, and homeowners need constantly run air-conditioning systems. However, owing to insufficient power output and surge capacity, most energy-storage systems cannot consistently support air-conditioning, and the transportation and installation processes are also complicated. As a result, Connected Technology had been looking for a product that better meets the needs of local customers.

A single EP Cube unit has a maximum output of 7.6kW, which can support a 5-ton air conditioner during an outage with a soft starter; this output can jump to 45.6 kW when six units are connected. Additionally, the product is compatible with both new and existing PV systems. All these features help to address customers’ concerns about residential battery systems. “When we began to look at the specifications for the EP Cube, it really could provide a lot of good options. One of the things in particular that we appreciate is the maximum power throughput, especially the round trip efficiency savings of providing DC electricity directly into the batteries,” said Bill Horbaly, the co-founder of Connected Technology. “That’s something that we feel like we can adequately explore for our customers and provide an additional solar option that we haven’t had before.”

EP Cube comes with multiple specifications. The minimum capacity of a single unit is 9.9kWh, with each battery module’s capacity of 3.3kWh. By stacking modules, a single unit can be expanded to 19.9 kWh. When a maximum of six units are connected, it can reach 119.9kWh. “For the customers who want to take advantage of Net Metering 3.0 pricing or have fundamental backup options, we can provide a small system. For the customers who have multiple air conditioners and want to have everything from the whole hose backed up, the EP Cube allows us to do that as well,” said Horbaly.

The user-friendly design of EP Cube also benefits installers. “Besides meeting our customer needs better, the consistency and short time required for the commissioning makes it very much a plug-and-play option. We can complete the work very quickly and reliably. And being able to stack batteries without additional wiring for batteries installed saves us a lot of time.”

Most products in the market weigh over 300 lbs and require special lifting equipment, lengthening the job and leading to possible injuries and product damage. Bill Horbaly and his team must pay extra attention to avoid accidents. “We have always been concerned about moving them in and out of vehicles and putting them in customers’ homes – we have to spend extra effort to ensure no injuries are caused. As a business owner, having a much lighter modular system like EP Cube relieves my concern, making transport and equipment storage much easier and more effective.”

EP Cube is committed to providing the best experience for its users and partners. As more installers recognize and recommend the product, it will continuously bring reliable and clean energy to more homeowners in California.

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Eternalplanet is a consumer-oriented independent brand of energy technology under Canadian Solar, with independent design, R&D, manufacturing and global service capabilities. Eternalplanet always adheres to scientific and technological innovation and is committed to providing energy solutions for people and promoting the sustainable development of the world. In September 2022, Eternalplanet launched the first self-designed-and-developed residential energy storage system in the United States – EP Cube. EP Cube adopts industry-leading technologies to provide all-round power backup for every household, with higher safety performance and more flexible capacity expansion. More information on the company can be found at https://epcube.com.

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