Eoptolink Launches Innovative 800G Linear-drive Pluggable Optics During OFC 2023

CHENGDU, China and FREMONT, Calif., March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd. (SZSE: 300502), a leading provider of optical transceiver solutions and services, announced today the launch of 800G Linear-drive Pluggable Optics (LPO).

800G LPOs are designed without DSPs or CDRs, resulting in significantly lower power consumption and dramatically reduce latency compared to conventional DSP based solutions. The reduction in latency has become a key driver for the growing demand for LPOs in applications such as switch-to-switch, switch-to-server, and GPU-to-GPU connectivity in Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing.

Eoptolink’s LPO portfolio consists of modules for both multimode and singlemode applications. For multimode fiber applications, portfolio includes 800G LPO based on VCSEL technology. For single mode fiber applications, LPO transceivers are available based on Silicon Photonics, EMLs, and Thin-film Lithium Niobate modulators. These modules will be offered in both OSFP and QSFP-DD800 form factors.

“LPOs without a DSP chip enable a new suite of optical transceiver products using only linear analog components in the data link, leading to lower power and lower link latency”, said Mr. Sean Davies, VP of US Sales at Eoptolink.

“LPOs providing high bandwidth connectivity with less power and less cost than today’s solutions are a benefit to Mega data center market in general” said Richard Huang, CEO Eoptolink. “They offer measurable cost savings in mega data center operations and enable latency sensitive application in AI and ML. Eoptolink’s innovative approach will enable its customers to improve their network performance.”

Live demonstrations of Eoptolink LPOs will be shown at OFC 2023, San Diego, CA, booth 3327 from March 7th to 9th.

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