Entrepreneurship Week For International Elites in Suzhou opened

SUZHOU, China, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 10, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Entrepreneurship Week for International Elites and the Suzhou Scientist Day was held. 2,796 guests participated with 2,819 projects. 23 domestic and foreign Maker Incubation Centers and 31 global organizations organized and mobilized talents to watch the live webcast of the opening ceremony of the main venue and participate in online negotiation and docking, according to the Organizing Committee of Entrepreneurship Week For International Elites.

The opening ceremony of Entrepreneurship Week

As a major talent-introducing activity of Suzhou, this year’s event has received extensive attention and registrations from global high-level talents. 1,964 projects have been collected on the public platform of the main venue, including 1,045 overseas projects and 919 domestic projects. 91.4% of the participants have a master’s degree or above, 42.7% have a doctoral degree, and 58.5% have overseas work and study backgrounds.

At present, Suzhou is focusing on key fields such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, and advanced materials, laying out the chain of talent, industry, and innovation, vigorously promoting the construction of industrial innovation clusters in the digital economy era, and striving to deep integration of industrial and innovation chain. It will constantly open up the stage for innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 Maker Incubation Centers in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and other places simultaneously hold project settlement and incubation contracts; Suzhou Fund of Angel Funds and well-known venture capital institutions have jointly established 12 sub-funds. During the event, the “Suzhou Digital Economy Advanced Professional and Technical Qualification Review Committee” was also established, and the “Suzhou Key Industries Demanded Talent Catalog” was also established to jointly build China Zhangjiagang Innovation Park and Sino-German Joint Training Base for skilled talents.

Now Suzhou focuses on building the “City for Returned Talents”. Entrepreneurship Week has held for 14 consecutive years, and become “Golden Brand” for Suzhou talent: it has attracted more than 30,000 global high-end talents. More than 9,000 projects have settled down, and 154 national-level talents have been introduced and trained. Starting from 2020, Suzhou has designated July 10 every year as the “Suzhou Scientist Day” to express respect and courtesy to scientists and talents.

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