Enabot announces Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their new product EBO X

The shipment of all Kickstarter orders will start in May.

SHENZHEN, China, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enabot, an emerging family robotics company, announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their new family robot companion, EBO X. The company is striving to make the EBO X the industry-first commercialized household robot, which is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Early backers can save up to 43% at a special price of USD 569 before it becomes available for sale online at a retail price of USD 999

Following its debut at CES 2023, the EBO X received multiple recognitions from the industry and media. After being named a CES 2023 “Innovation Awards Honoree” in both the Smart Home and Robotics product categories, the EBO X was also recognized as “The Best Smart Home Tech of CES 2023” by PC Mag and “Top Tech of CES 2023 Awards” by Digital Trends, among other accolades from top-tier media. Furthermore, the Kickstarter editors have selected the crowdfunding campaign for the EBO X as the “Project We Love” even prior to the campaign’s official launch.

The highly anticipated robot is now closer to becoming available to customers worldwide. The initial shipment of orders placed on Kickstarter will take place in May, with the product becoming commercially available later in the second quarter of 2023.

A Versatile Three-in-One Home Guardian

The EBO X is an advanced home robot offering superior versatility with its powerful hardware and software. It is not only a mobile homebot with Alexa built in and V-SLAM navigation, but an all-round smart home device with a 4K stabilized camera supported by Color Night Vision and a premium speaker customized by Harman AudioEFX.

While it serves as a guardian with its agile home security and health alert system, it can also be the companion and playmate for your family, providing flexible remote communication and diverse home entertainment experiences.

A Compact Intelligent Home Robotics Solution

The power of robotic intelligence of the EBO X relies on the computing components housed in its compact soccer-sized spherical body. The EBO X is equipped with the improved X3M chip, which is built using a dual-core BPU structure and can perform 5 trillion operations per second. This, in combination with the tens of thousands of hours of training data, enables the EBO X to quickly create a map of your home using V-SLAM technology, thus allowing for precise area division and organization.

The EBO X is equipped with a strong and sturdy structure, making it effortless to manoeuvre. Its unique two-wheeled self-balancing design gives it the ability to move around with great accuracy and flexibility. Furthermore, with the help of the integrated dTOF and ALS sensors, the EBO X is able to avoid any potential harm caused by accidentally crossing boundaries or running into objects.

To offer solid performance in computer vision, the EBO X features a 4K camera with a one-axis stabilization system and an adjustable vertical angle within a range of 104°. It is equipped with an 8-megapixel ultra low-light sensor and provides an impressive 106° super wide FOV. Complementing this outstanding visual capability, the EBO X also comes with a four-microphone array and reliable far-field sound sensors, enabling it to identify the source of the sound quickly and accurately. When you talk to it, the device will turn towards you, getting ready to listen.

With all these advanced intelligent features in place, the EBO X can perform sophisticated tasks such as smart tracking — If your child says “EBOEBO, follow me!” , the EBO X will follow them wherever they go, like a faithful companion.

An All-round Home Robot that Keeps Your Family Safe, Connected and Entertained

The EBO X is designed to act as a “smart guardian”, offering its users helpful features while they are away from their family. Particularly, for your elderly loved ones, the EBO X offers the Elderly Fall Alert feature, which can detect if an elderly person has fallen via its pose inspection algorithm. Through the App, you can even set up a Medication Reminder that triggers the EBO X to identify the elderly family member through facial recognition and provide voice reminders about the medications.

Additionally, to secure your family from emergency, the EBO X’s Certain Areas Intrusion Alert allows users to designate certain places on the map as off-limits and will notify them if someone unauthorized enters the area, such as a child. If a child is crying or anyone at home is experiencing an emergency and calling for “HELP”, the EBO X will detect it and trigger an App call to the users.

The EBO X, a smart home device that connects people with those they care about, allows for vivid and steady real-time two-way conversations with the EBO Home App, powered by a 4K Stabilized Camera. It permits multiple members of a family to log in and chat together at once. As each family member interacts, they can observe each other from the EBO X’s point of view. Users can even leave their relatives a message by typing a text that will be transformed into a voice message by the EBO X, or set up reminder tasks using the EBO Home App to keep your loved ones organized. What’s more, the EBO X is also created to be your pet’s companion. It can snap pictures from a low angle of your furry family members, acting as their personal photographer.

The EBO X is designed to be a fun and engaging companion. Logging into your Alexa account gives you easy access to the EBO X and its ability to connect to any Alexa service. This connection allows you to control any IOT devices that are in your home. The speaker, powered by Harman AudioEFX, will give you an amazing sound experience while streaming your favorite music. Additionally, the dynamic lighting effect will alter in response to the rhythm of the song that’s playing.

A Commitment to Protecting User Data Privacy

We designed EBO X with privacy protection as a priority. All content can be stored on a local memory card, if desired. There are three ways you can protect your privacy while using the EBO X: an on-off toggle switch in the App to deactivate the camera, a physical shutter to cover the camera, and a privacy button on the EBO X to shut off both the camera and microphone.

Play stay tuned with the latest update on the crowdfunding campaign for the EBO X on Kickstarter and Enabot’s Facebook. To view the Enabot EBO X in action, please visit the Enabot YouTube channel.

About Enabot

Enabot is a family robot company whose team with great industry resources and extensive experience in the development, design, and manufacturing of consumer-grade robotic products.

Enabot believes our lives can be improved by intelligent family bots. Our vision of a technology ridden world is positive, with robots being part of the solutions to daily problems, allowing people to focus their time on what matters the most: to be there for the ones we love. By connecting people, we are dedicated to promoting love, companionship and sharing.

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