EM Coretech to Mass-Produce World’s First EMIC Next Year

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EM Coretech, working with a Korean 8-in semiconductor foundry, is mass-producing the world’s first electromagnetic interference management IC (EMIC). An EMIC removes electromagnetic waves generated by electronic parts and prevents device malfunctions. EM Coretech is going to equip photovoltaic inverters and power converters for TVs with its initial products in the second half of next year.

Ko Yeong-wook, CEO of EM Coretech

Using an 8-in foundry process from Taiwanese foundry TSMC, EM Coretech made a prototype and tested it. For the actual mass production, EM Coretech is going to be working with a Korean 8-in semiconductor manufacturer. The plan is to start producing in May next year and mass-produce up to 20,000 units. “We’ve been testing about 1,000 chips using a Taiwanese foundry process but we could actually produce our products now using a Korean foundry process” explained Ko Yeong-wook, CEO of EM Coretech.

An EMIC is an integrated circuit that prevents electronic malfunctions by blocking electromagnetic interference generated from other electronic devices. Normally, EMI filters are used to block electromagnetic interference and in the growing trend of high-powered and compact devices, EM Coretech has succeeded in developing the world’s first chip that also works as an interference filter.

The EMIC currently being tested is 10mm by 10mm and is about the size of a nail. Using an 8-in foundry manufacturing process, this IC could be reduced to about 7mm by 7mm. This chip could keep the electromagnetic interference bellow 56 dBuV ~ 66 dBuV which is the allowable interference level range. The initial mass-produced products will be installed in photovoltaic inverters. According to market research company SNE Research, the photovoltaic inverter market will reach 79 GWh by 2030 and more than 360,000 0.5 MWh+ products will be in demand.

Recognized for its EMIC development capabilities, EM Coretech received about KRW 3 billion of investments from Korean investment companies including L&S Venture Capital and Lighthouse Combined Investment. By applying for Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s New Excellent Technology (NET) certification with its electromagnetic shielding technology and acquiring additional government subsidies, EM Coretech plans to speed up its EMIC development process.

EM Coretech is also planning to supply home appliances including TVs and is currently discussing with major corporations on plans to apply its products to TVs and other home appliances.