Ellie Baby Plus Launched – World’s First Non-Wifi Baby Monitor with the Most Comprehensive AI Features

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ellie, a leading innovator in baby monitoring technology, is excited to launch the world’s first non-WiFi baby monitor with the most comprehensive AI features – Ellie Baby Plus, which allows parents to enjoy smart AI features on a dedicated screen without needing WiFi, while also supporting a WiFi connection to a phone app for simultaneous use. The innovative device is now available for purchase at its official website. This launch is part of a series of breakthroughs from Ellie. Recently, its parent company, SimShine, secured $20 million in funding, marking the largest investment in the AI maternal and infant industry in the past two years.

Ellie Baby Plus product photo

“The Ellie Baby Plus baby monitor is perfect for parents who seeking advanced AI features without the privacy concerns that come with traditional WiFi-based monitors.” said Joe Tham, President of Ellie. “With Ellie Baby Plus, parents can receive alerts, track sleep, and access other AI functions on the separate screen without needing WiFi. Plus, it also supports phone app connection for extra convenience.”

Ellie Baby Plus non-wifi baby monitor stands apart from its competitors as the world’s first non-Wifi AI smart baby monitor, with built-in AI technology and emphasis on privacy with local SD card storage, making it an ideal choice for parents who prioritize safety and privacy.

Key Features of Ellie Baby Plus Non-Wifi AI Smart Baby Monitor:

A Breakthrough in Non-Wifi Connectivity: Unlike traditional AI smart baby monitors that rely on Wi-Fi connectivity, the camera and the dedicated screen operate on a dedicated closed-circuit network. Exclusive Face Covering and Rollover Alerts: Ellie Baby Plus is currently the only non-wifi baby monitor on the market with a face cover alert feature, thanks to the Ellie team’s years of expertise in AI technology and it’s unwavering pursuit for baby safety. Dedicated Screen Care: The dedicated screen can connect to up to four monitors simultaneously, allowing parents to watch multiple babies or rooms on one screen. Comprehensive AI functions: Parents can use all AI features without any subscription fee. This includes cry detection, cry soothing, danger zone detection, photo capture, face covering and rollover alerts, and sleep tracking and report, available on both the dedicated screen and the phone app. 24-Hour Playback with AI Notification Check: Parents can review video footage and AI notifications from the past 24 hours, ensuring they don’t miss any important events. Unmatched Safety and Security:The point-to-point connection technology without WiFi and the SD card storage provide an additional layer of security and privacy. Real-Time Monitoring with HD Video: With 2.5K ultra-high-definition video, parents can see their baby clearly day or night. Infrared night vision ensures visibility even in complete darkness. Two-Way Communication: The monitor’s two-way communication feature enable parents to easily stay connected with their baby, even when they’re meters away in another room.

The Ellie Baby Plus blends innovation with practicality, giving parents the best tools to monitor and care for their babies securely and conveniently.

About Ellie:

Ellie is a leading innovator in parenting technology, providing peace of mind with reliable and trustworthy baby care products, simplifying the journey of parenthood. With a focus on privacy and advanced AI capabilities, Ellie’s products revolutionize the way parents monitor their little ones.

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