Elitery Partners with APEKSI to Provide Generative AI Solutions for City Governments in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Elitery, a leading IT managed services provider, proudly announces their strategic partnership with the Association of Indonesia Municipalities (APEKSI) to introduce groundbreaking generative AI (gen AI) technology across city governments throughout Indonesia. Leveraging their status as a Google Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP), Elitery will utilize the power of Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready gen AI capabilities to deliver tailored solutions for municipal administrations, supporting Indonesia’s ambitious Smart City vision.

(Jakarta, 22/5) Signing of MoU on Cooperation between Elitery and APEKSI (Association of Indonesian City Governments).

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation journey of Indonesian municipalities. Elitery will integrate gen AI solutions into the city governance framework to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource management, and improve citizen services, propelling municipalities towards more effective and responsive governance.

“Partnering with APEKSI to introduce cutting-edge gen AI technology to Indonesian Smart City initiatives is a thrilling development,” stated Kresna Adiprawira, President Director of Elitery. “With our gen AI solution, supported by Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready gen AI capabilities, we are set to equip city governments with the innovative solutions needed to tackle complex urban challenges and foster sustainable growth.”

Elitery and Google Cloud’s gen AI solutions will enable municipalities to process and analyze extensive data sets, generate actionable insights, and implement data-driven strategies that enhance urban planning, infrastructure management, public safety, and more. These AI-driven initiatives will not only streamline service delivery but also boost citizen engagement and promote inclusive, resilient urban communities.

“Google Cloud is proud to partner with Elitery to bring cutting-edge generative AI solutions to city governments across Indonesia and play a key role in advancing Digital Indonesia Vision 2045,” said Fanly Tanto, Country Director, Indonesia, Google Cloud. “By scaling the reach and impact of our enterprise-ready generative AI capabilities combined with Elitery’s expertise in IT managed services, we can empower municipalities to harness the full potential of AI and improve services for Indonesians nationwide.”

Elitery’s dedication to excellence in serving government clients is highlighted by their reception of prestigious awards from Google Cloud as the Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year for two consecutive years (2023 & 2024), affirming their position as a trusted partner for government organizations.

“This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to develop smarter, more livable cities across Indonesia,” said Alwis Rustam, Executive Director of APEKSI. “By partnering with Elitery and leveraging gen AI technology, we are providing local governments with the essential tools to drive innovation, increase operational efficiency, and improve public services.”

As Indonesia continues to prioritize its digital transformation and Smart City development, the partnership between Elitery and APEKSI underscores the commitment to harnessing advanced technologies to create sustainable and thriving urban environments.

For more information about Elitery and their gen AI solutions for city governments, please visit https://elitery.com/elipedia.

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