ELEMENTS – TCLGreen Horizon highlights the harmony of technology and nature at Milan Design Week

MILAN, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At Milan Design Week, TCL unveiled its “ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon,” an exclusive exhibit inspired by TCLGreen, a global initiative by TCL aimed at supporting a more sustainable planet for all. In addition to participating in several uniquely crafted experiences, visitors will also receive a sneak peek of TCL Europe’s product line-up for 2023.

At Milan Design Week, TCL unveiled its “ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon,” an exclusive exhibit inspired by TCLGreen, a global initiative by TCL aimed at supporting a more sustainable planet for all.

“We are delighted to participate in Milan Design Week and present our latest innovations through our TCLGreen global campaign,” said Tiago Abreu, Head of Design Innovation Center, X-Lab at TCL. “The ‘ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon’ exhibit demonstrates how nature has always been and still is the greatest source of inspiration, creativity, innovation, and technology. Featuring sustainable artworks and immersive experiences enabled by technology, we invite visitors into four element-themed sections, each meticulously designed to evoke a unique sensation connected with nature’s elements.”

The tour begins in the exhibit’s courtyard, which depicts the Earth element. Visitors are greeted by the TCLGreen sculpture, symbolizing growth and appreciation of all our planet’s resources. The path then leads indoors into the Water element, bringing a sense of connection and representing converging streams of ideas. Stepping up the staircase reveals the Fire experience. As the symbol of civilization, fire represents the spirit of innovation, which rests at the heart of TCL. Finally, the Air encounter portrays an essence of flow and serenity through an alluring drapery installation, inviting visitors to breathe, relax and rethink the experience. Upon exiting the tour, visitors gain a sense of circularity, closing the loop in harmony with our planet’s elements.

TCL’s appearance at Milan Design Week marks another milestone in the company’s ESG journey, spearheaded by the TCLGreen global campaign. When TCLGreen first launched in Roseto Degli Abruzzi, Italy on Sept. 10, 2022, TCL collaborated with artist Kevin Chu, a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, to create the stunning TCLGreen sculpture that embodied the spirit of the initiative.

The sculpture takes inspiration from blades of grass and was made using over 1,000 pieces of discarded circuit boards supplied by TCL, to sensitize the public – creatively and artistically – about the challenges of recycling electronics products. The TCLGreen initiative and creative vision have been captured in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery. Now, TCLGreen recasts its message at Milan Design Week, the premier design show in the world, to inspire visitors on their own path towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Furthermore, visitors are invited to Discover the Unimagined through a preview of the 2023 TCL Europe product range, including new Mini LED and QLED Smart TVs, domestic appliances, and new concept devices that leverage technology to inspire greatness, bring people together and humanize moments with rich intimacy and empathy.

This new product line exemplifies TCL’s efforts in sustainability. TCL is perpetually refining its packaging, a significant source of waste, by replacing EPS packaging with lightweight, renewable and non-toxic alternatives such as air column and Kraft paper. And by reducing the packages’ size and weight, they help to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions generated from transportation. Lastly, using simpler, less colourful package designs, as well as water-based and soybean oil-based inks, lower the use of harsh printing chemicals.

As highlighted in the TCL Technology ESG Report 2022, TCL Technology has invested a total of 1.04 billion USD in environmental protection. TCL Technology saved 229.53 million tons of water, and the amount of recycled water resources has reached 54.64 million tons. In addition, the amount of recycled waste is 81,865 tons.

Moreover, by 2025, TCL commits to: 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 18% Reduce water consumption by 27% Reduce power consumption by 13% Reduce natural gas consumption by 70% Reduce EPS consumption by 10%

In Europe, TCL is a supporting mobile brand of the pan-industry Eco Rating labelling scheme, a stringent eco-rating evaluation system that covers user requirements, expectations, and regulations, from the sourcing of raw and packaging materials, manufacturing, and the recyclability of these elements, to promote a circular economy that closes the loop.

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