Electricity Empowers “Red Cherry” and Safeguard Rural Vitalization

ZIBO, China, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “We should express our gratitude to you for your service as we don’t need to worry about the electricity supply of our cherry greenhouses anymore.” Miao Fangfang, a staff of a certain agricultural comprehensive development limited company in Yiyuan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province, stood in a cherry greenhouse and said to a worker of the Yanya Power Supply Station of Yiyuan Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) who was carrying out an inspection of electricity security.

On March 14th, staffs from Yiyuan Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) moved through the trees in the cherry planting greenhouse base in Wangzhuangcun Village, Yanya Town, going over the power lines and integrated water and fertilizer intelligent equipment in the greenhouse one by one to eliminate hidden electrical dangers and publicizing knowledge of electricity safety, which provided reliable guarantee of electricity supply for the sound and smooth growth of cherry in the greenhouse.

At the moment, it is a time of significant importance for the growth and maturation of cherry, so timely watering and appropriate temperature played an key role in its bumper harvest. Adhere to the idea of serving the people, Yiyuan Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) put prevention first in service to actively connect with key projects of rural vitalization in government and enterprises, closely monitor the growth trend of electricity load and deeply conduct the overhaul of agricultural irrigation equipment and maintenance of characteristic industries. At the same time, we focused on electricity demand of electrification of industries related to agriculture, farmer and rural area as well as responded to the power supply of various agricultural production based on electrical “Rainbow” Station and grid-based service mechanism to offer farmers “one-stop” electricity service and “one-on-one” follow-up service as a way to fully meet the agricultural electricity needs and follow favorable farming season.

Electricity is the prerequisite of rural vitalization. Since the beginning of spring, Yiyuan Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) has regularly organized its staffs to carefully “check” the power supply and consumption facilities involving agricultural electricity in villages, towns and fields via tour inspection of equipment and door-to-door “diagnosis” to help agricultural customers to examine and repair various types of electrical equipment. Stable electricity supply together with premium and considerable electricity service ensure the healthy development of cherry industry in Yiyuan and boost persistent “overheating” of characteristic industries in rural area and modern agriculture, which delivers invaluable assets to Yiyuan on the basis of its lucid waters and lush mountains.