Electric bike Cyrusher Kuattro officially launched in August

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In August 2022, Cyrusher officially launched a brand new electric bike – Kuattro. This electric bicycle model has been pre-sold, and the first batch of shipments will be carried out in the first week of September. The brand team is constantly updating new models with stunning designs. As an electric bicycle company integrating production, manufacturing, and sales, it is committed to meeting customers’ needs now and in the future, designing and manufacturing high-quality electric bicycles.

Cyrusher Kuattro is named after “Cuatro,” which means “four” in Spanish. It has a more potent driving force than ordinary electric bicycles. It’s a step-through electric bike, and even though it’s taller, the step-through design is perfect for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike quickly. It has the benefit of a taller frame and fatter tires, making it an ideal model for taller and heavier riders.

With its bright new colors, upgraded technology, and good performance, this new e-bike will surely get excellent reviews from many riders. From the design point of view, it is the perfect combination of urban commuting and mountain style, and there is no shortage of efficient performance and fresh appearance. It’s a more powerful, taller fat tire electric bike with features and components to take you across various terrain, front suspension, fatter tires, adjustable handlebar, and seat post, plus a unique frame designed for easy riding heavy duty and rough terrain with excellent stability.

Let’s take a closer look at what the new power bike has been updated to make it a unique and powerful choice for stepper e-bikes.

Main Specifications

Upgraded frame: 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame

Upgraded brakes: Star-Union fully hydraulic 180/230mm front and rear disc brakes

Rear hub motor: Bafang motor with peak 1200W and 80Nm

Display screen: 3.7-inch LCD screen that provides you with all the information you need at the push of three buttons.

Battery: 48V, 17AH waterproof lithium battery

Charger: 54.6V, 3AH smart charger, under the standard 110V-240V A.C., the charging time is 5-7 hours.

Ride range: 25-50 miles

Bike Weight: 66 lbs

Total Payload Capacity: 330 lbs

Tires: Chaoyang 26″×4.0″ puncture-resistant fat tires

Gear: Shimano 7-speed shifting system

Color: Cyan and White

Overall bike length: 76.3 inches

Minimum standing height: 34.6 inches

The main function

Frame and Design Structure

This model uses an upgraded 6061 aluminum alloy full-suspension frame, which is more robust and thicker than other frame materials because of its lightweight, high quality, and less damage. Although lightweight, it still has a payload capacity of 330 pounds. Therefore, within the load capacity, you can D.I.Y. the vehicle to increase the storage capacity of the ebike.

Associated with the frame structure are metal brackets. The spokes are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the cranks are made of 170mm forged double-sided alloy aluminum. These materials are rust-resistant, durable, extend the bracket’s life, and complete customer maintenance easier and faster. And the brand offers a 2-year warranty on bike components, including the motor, controller, and frame.

The walk-in frame is not only designed with people with limited mobility in mind; its larger size and thicker fat tires mean that power-hungry riders can also choose it. Beautiful looks and explosive power will give you a brand new riding experience.

Upgraded battery

The battery of this model adopts an embedded structure and is placed in the frame. There are several benefits. First, the appearance looks more simple and fashionable, and people cannot even find it is an electric bicycle on the road. Second, compared with the external battery, the embedded battery has good protection functions such as rain, sun exposure, and anti-fouling. After all, repairing and replacing batteries is expensive, and this added protection is necessary. Third, the L.E.D. headlights and electronic horn are powered by an integrated battery and do not need to be activated according to the controller. The headlights have a brightness of 250 lumens to help you see the road ahead clearly in dark light, and the volume of the electronic horns is loud enough to enhance safety.

The battery can be completely disassembled or placed at a 45° angle when charging. It is very convenient to choose the charging method according to the situation.

The battery has a range of up to 50 miles, and the capacity is sufficient for commuting to and from the city, or anywhere you travel. 25-50 miles of range in 5-7 hours on a single charge is a note worthy point. It’s lovely that the team finally settled on this battery after multiple range tests.

Suspension Design

Based on its peak power of 1200W and maximum torque of 80Nm, you can take steep roads and other rough surfaces as you wish. Enjoy nature as you go on an adventure, trek through the mountains, or camp and fish. It has fork suspension with 80mm of travel preload adjustable, which can be opened at high speeds to absorb shock from road bumps. It has attractive looks and rider comfort, all in one for added sparkle. Plus, with an adjustable handlebar and seat post, it can better adapt to different heights and provide a better riding experience.

Brake upgrade

The model uses Star-Union hydraulic disc brakes, a fully sealed waterproof and dustproof structure, and has a wide operating temperature, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature affecting it when facing extreme weather. The 180mm rotor can quickly stop acceleration and sensitive response, and the function of cutting off the motor is added to improve safety. The acceleration method of the half-twist throttle is more convenient and safer, and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of bursting out at the start. Paired with a 7-speed gear system and five pedal assists, you can customize the pedaling cadence that matches your speed. Coupled with the integrated circuit brake taillight setting, once the brakes are braked, the taillights will turn on immediately. When braking at night, it can remind people and vehicles coming and going behind, which improves the safety of riding at night.

Not only have some accessories been upgraded, but also continued the previous advantages.

Simple and clear reading interface

An easy-to-operate intelligent computer just presses three buttons. With the help of the controller and display, you can easily see battery level, speed, pedal assist level, mileage, and more. This 3.7-inch display has a simple and straightforward page and a pure black border, which is both excellent and simple and very practical. By tracking and understanding these data, you can customize the adjustment speed options and other safety settings to help make your riding more enjoyable and more convenient.

Easy to assemble

The bikes of this brand are 90% pre-assembled and come with all the tools needed for assembly, assemble the front wheel and pedals, check the status of the screws, tighten the loose nuts, follow the instructions or watch the assembly video. You can start riding in 40 minutes or less. If you have any technical problems, you can contact the brand’s 24-hour online customer service or call directly. The rear frame can be fitted with racks, fenders, and racks are shipped free of charge, and you can place a pannier bag on the rear edge to increase capacity and expand storage space.

Difference Between Kuattro and Kommoda

We have an overview of the main content of the new power bike. Let’s see how it differs from Kommoda.

Both are versatile, affordable fat-tire e-bikes, but the former has some upgrades that make it slightly more expensive. If you want to choose an electric bike with a new design, the former will be your ideal type.

The Cyrusher Kuattro’s motor has more peak power for a more powerful speed experience. With the Kommoda, you get a peak 1000W speed power while riding. The motor on both e-bikes can give you a high-speed ride, but the new model has more peak power and is more suitable for traversing the mountains. The latter is a good choice if you have no particular criteria for speed.

Both models have a step-through structure, considering that people with reduced mobility can quickly get on and off. However, the new models will be more prominent in format and size. I hope it brings a more substantial and exciting experience to the rider and is designed for taller and heavier riders. It perfectly complements the taller models in the Cyrusher range, offering new options.

The new model uses upgraded hydraulic disc brakes with more expansive working space for more extreme riding conditions. Both brakes provide the rider with responsive, quick braking. But the new model’s improved hydraulic disc brakes are bound to have some unique performance.

In the end, Cyrusher struggles to strike a balance between price and quality components. You can customize the selection according to your needs and price orientation. No matter which power bike you choose, I believe they will bring you a satisfying riding experience. You can find out on the brand’s official website for more information on the new models.

Cyrusher Contact:

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French official website: www.cyrusher.fr 
German official website: www.cyrusher.de 
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