Efficient cleaning, GWEICH pays attention to the real needs of sensitive people

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the increasing time people spend indoors in the pandemic era, their awareness and attention to indoor pollutants are gradually strengthened. GWEICH, a household appliance brand, has keenly captured the home cleaning needs of sensitive people and new middle-class people in Southeast Asia. Since August this year, it has launched a number of products in the Indonesian market, which have been recognized and loved by many consumers in a short time.

GWEICH will launch special offer “Save up to 300k + Extra vouchers + Lucky Gift” in the upcoming Super Shopping Festival on September 9, hoping to let more Southeast Asian families know about its high-quality products.

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Innovative technology · Clean home

The humid and rainy climate in Southeast Asia is very easy to breed bacteria, and the fine dust mixed in the indoor air has become a hidden killer threatening human health. As a patient suffering from rhinitis for a long time, Yolanda, industrial designer of GWEICH, said:

“There are many imperceptible dust in the indoor environment, which is very unfriendly to rhinitis patients. The dust generated by traditional household vacuum cleaners while working is often ignored by people. The new cleaning method and effect of GWEICH intelligent household vacuum cleaner is the life change urgently needed by sensitive people. “

GWEICH’s original bionic cleaning technology, vacuum adsorption at the suction port, greatly improves the utilization rate of air volume. The advanced 7-layer sealed filter system of the whole machine adopts a unique mesh structure filter screen to accurately lock in small dust, release clean air, eliminate secondary pollution in the cleaning process, and better protect sensitive people while creating a healthier home environment.


Efficient cleaning · Enjoy life

Women are also sensitive people in household life. More and more new middle-class women in Southeast Asia have an increasing demand for home cleaning. While maintaining a clean home environment, they also yearn for a relaxing and pleasant domestic experience.

GWEICH team follows the ergonomic design to develop GWEICH intelligent household vacuum cleaner, and combines the strong vacuum suction and light operating body with the latest technology according to the use habits of Asian women, so that women can clean the floor, heights, gaps and other household spaces efficiently and easily, and enjoy high-quality life.

GWEICH will offer discounts on a number of products in the upcoming 9.9 End-Of-Year Sale Season, and will sell GWEICH dust-free intelligent vacuum cleaners and GWEICH visual air fryers at the lowest price.

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