EdTech in Action: How Young People in EdTechs like Oda Class are Driving the Future of Indian Education

BANGALORE, India, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The JEE Main 2023 exam results were declared on last Saturday. Apart from the qualifying scores for JEE advanced and the number of candidates securing 100 percentile, a marked rebound on the number of registrations have also been seen this year.

live interactive class of Oda Class

In past 5 years, the education industry has undergone a radical change. Relying on the power of advanced technology, young people in the edtech industry are driving the growth of the sector.

Impact Students’ Life Across India Just by Sitting in the Cube

One of the biggest challenges facing Indian students is access to quality education. Young people in India are bridging this gap through educational technology by providing students in the most remote areas with high-quality educational resources, including video lectures, interactive learning tools and online assessments.

Himanshu Rai Jain, with 10 years of working experience in the education sector and is now fully committed to online education. He can teach up to 7,000 students a day through his online classroom and he says: “The thought of impacting any student’s life across India just by sitting here in the cube gives me an inspiration to work harder.”

Oda Class, the company Himanshu works for, is an interactive platform with dual-teacher system that provides live online classes for students of Class 1-11 taught by experienced teachers from IIT and NIT. Over 7 million students have used the product with a 95% satisfaction rate and over 65% of students are willing to pay for the next year, something that was unattainable in the traditional education model a decade ago.

Abhiram, a Grade 9 student living in Hyderabad, said “Oda not only taught me how to study but also taught me how to manage my time and enjoy learning.” His math scores have been improved from 70 to 90. Naga Akshitha Balla, a 9-year-old student from Andhra Pradesh, said because of Oda Class’ teaching methods, she is now confident in understanding physics and space and dreams of being an astronaut in the future.

Help Parents Go Deeper into Kids’ Study Progress and Quality

In fact, edtech companies like Oda Class are successful, attracting more than 7 million users, not only because they teach students, but also because they help children become better by giving parents insight into their children’s learning progress and quality through data and mentoring.

After completing his thesis in August last year, Jagadeesh joined Oda Class as a mentor and now he strongly believes that to improve the quality of learning, all stakeholders need to be involved, including teachers, mentors and parents, and students. Oda Class now has a mentor team of over 700.

Advik’s father was initially skeptical of online learning, fearing it would distract his child, but was won over by Oda Class’ engaging and effective approach. He now trusts the young and creative mentors at Oda Class to relate to the current generation.

“Oda Class helped me a lot in monitoring my kid’s study progress by staying in touch with me and sharing me weekly reports which helped me understand the progress even though I am at office and swamped with work. ” 

Change People’s Lives with the Development of Education Technology

With the opportunities and services it offers, the EdTech industry is changing the lives of many people, including teachers, mentors, parents, and students.

Shivani Priyaa is now a teacher in Oda Class. Coming from a poor middle-class family in Madhubani, Shivani realized the need for affordable quality education in India since she was in 10th grade 16 years ago. When she saw that Oda Class could level the playing field for students in 2019, she joined without hesitation.

“I believe that teaching is the noblest profession and it gives you pride and everything. After seeing so many amazing, open-minded colleagues and a healthy working environment in Oda Class, I am confident to survive in Bangalore. My lifestyle and living standard changed a lot which would have been only a dream for a small-town girl like me. “

Vishnu, one of the early members of Oda Class, says that since joining this team, he has experienced increased financial stability and security, as well as new connections and opportunities. And Jagadeesh also mentioned he has moved to a new house.

Thousands of young people in India’s edtech sector, including those at Oda Class, are working to make education more affordable and accessible by offering courses at a fraction of the cost of traditional education. This not only benefits students and parents, but also provides career opportunities for people passionate about education and, in the long run, keep pushing the boundaries of education in India.

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