Edianyun Settled in Beijing SME Public Service Platform

BEIJING, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the Beijing SME Public Service Platform announced the lists of service providers and 2022 SME service voucher products. Office IT integrated solution provider Edianyun has the honor of being included in the lists. The company has updated the prospectus for the HKEX listing application.

Edianyun focuses on providing one-stop office IT services on a subscription basis to SME customers. Currently enterprise office IT service is a market of a large size.

As SMEs are growing rapidly in China, the number of SMEs reached 49 million in 2021 and is expected to increase to 84 million by 2026 according to the statistics. With the maturation of SME office IT services, the demands for digitalization and one-stop integrated IT services are also rising constantly. Analyses show that the market size of enterprise office IT services increased from RMB146.6 billion in 2017 to RMB156.0 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach RMB213.9 billion in 2026.

Huge market demands drive the industry to move forward with big strides, but to stand out from numerous IT service providers is not an easy thing. So how does Edianyun differentiate itself from its competitors in specific businesses and services?

One-stop office IT solutions recognized by customers

Edianyun can provide SMEs with innovative one-stop office IT solutions, and deliver customized computer devices with pre-installed OS, optional software, and independently developed office IT management tools as customers require. In addition, Edianyun can also offer one-stop managed IT services ranging from device ordering, management, and field check to bulk shipping, together with comprehensive IT service support for enterprise customers.

Fundamentally different from traditional rental service providers, Edianyun has transformed its focus from hardware IT and basic maintenance services to all-inclusive IT operation and management services, aiming at helping customers ensure long-term and stable IT operation through its software, system maintenance, and, data services.

This service mode will bring many benefits to business users. Firstly, businesses will avoid the need to contact branders or distributors for device purchasing. Secondly, they also don’t need to hire other IT teams or IT operators during the whole service lifecycle, while Edianyun will provide integrated solutions to meet all their office IT service requirements.

Coordinated development of businesses and ESG

Edianyun owns the only remanufacturing factory with a productivity of over 600,000 devices in China. The company has also established a set of standard specifications on device diagnosis, renovation, and testing, and transformed the nonstandardized remanufacturing processes.

By taking advantage of the remanufacturing technology, the average service life of devices could be extended by seven-to-ten years, which maximizes the value of involving devices during every lifecycle stage. Meanwhile, it can also reduce waste amounts and carbon emissions, and save material and energy costs, which realizes the positive coordinated development of businesses and ESG.

It is calculated that the new business mode can reduce the company’s annual carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions by 50,000 tons, the number of which is predicted to exceed 80,000 tons, 140,000 tons, and 250,000 tons respectively in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Enterprise office IT services were brought into being as SMEs flourished and the digitalization transformation process advanced, and Edianyun will take the lead and stick to exploring and innovating this difficult yet right road that no one has stepped on.

The enrollment in the Beijing SME Public Service Platform is a testament to Edianyun’s SME servicing capabilities and strengths and the government’s high recognition of this. As Edianyun is entering the capital market, the company stands ready to create more fruitful results in the enterprise office IT service field.