Edianyun Claims Award at ReChina Asia Expo with One-stop IT Service Evolving into New Future

BEIJING, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Edianyun has been awarded “Gold Service Provider 2022” at the 18th Asia Printing Technology, Office Equipment and Consumables Exhibition & Asia Packaging & Printing Industry Expo (“ReChina Asia Expo”) held in Shenzhen in February 2023.

ReChina Asia Expo is one of the world’s largest printing technology and consumables expos. Since 2004, 17 ReChina Asia Expos have been held successively, and the Expo has evolved into a highly recognized event in the industry. The “Gold Service Provider” award is based on market penetration, corporate reputation, social contribution, and media assessments, among other factors. After the fair and just appraising process, Edianyun is honored as the winner.

One-stop office IT service leads the new dynamics of the industry

With one-stop office IT service, Edianyun delivers whole-process “nanny” care to customers’ equipment and professional and wide technology support. When it comes to basic customer service, considering the urgency and significance of IT business, Edianyun has designed the fully automatic closed-loop CASE service system, which is in operation 7 x 24. Even at night, it can provide fast and thoughtful customer service. The system offers eight services, including pre-sales, risk control, call for repairs, and back repairs. Any problems are responded to within 15 minutes to ensure customers’ needs are met speedily, guaranteeing staff work and corporate operations go smoothly without facility glitches.

As for office IT service, with its self-developed Xuanji system, Edianyun can deploy over 3,000 high-caliber engineers nationwide intelligently, ensuring that the service will arrive at doorsteps within two hours. In this way, Edianyun has realized mesh service, which breaks through the traditional NBD office IT service mode, assisting enterprises to save more time and cost and allowing SMEs to enjoy the same level of office IT service typically exclusive to big companies. Besides, Edianyun keeps improving its service efficiency, strengthening its service capabilities, reforming its service models, and optimizing its service process, in a bid to deliver more considerate service to companies and an exclusive experience of “fully managed” IT service to customers.

On top of that, Edianyun also provides quality after-sales services. It boasts the world’s only and biggest IT equipment remanufacturing factory and possesses nearly 100 proprietary patents. Edianyun has designed a standardized remanufacturing process that consists of 147 testing and repairing procedures, covering automated testing, diagnosis, and repair for facilities. Every year, 600,000 pieces of remanufactured IT equipment are produced. It is worth mentioning that Edianyun keeps close contact with major equipment brand owners, which guarantees fast and quality after-sales services. With swifter and more efficient after-sales services, Edianyun helps companies cut implicit costs, save time, and dispel their concerns about possible IT troubles.

Forging ahead with the award as a new start

The “Gold Service Provider” award demonstrates the industry’s recognition and appreciation of Edianyun’s service quality and capacity in the past years. It also serves as the driving force for Edianyun to make further progress. With the industry’s recognition and expectations, Edianyun will stay true to its original aspirations and continuously optimize service procedures. It will remain committed to providing quality IT equipment and service for SMEs and consistently improve products and services to push forward the development of the office IT industry. On February 14, 2023, 16 banks gathered at the Edianyun bank consortium session to explore the industry’s future development. The banks are full of confidence in Edianyun’s business models and prospects. Going forward, Edianyun will continue to base on the Chinese market and keep improving its services. Edianyun will always take technological innovation as its cornerstone and give full play to its strengths to lead the development of the industry of IT office service for Chinese companies.