Eco-Friendly Paper Display Obtains Dual Certifications as HannStar Partners with TÜV Rheinland on Sustainability

TAIPEI, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issued by the United Nations have spurred a push for greater environmental friendliness across all industries in recent years. HannStar, with its extensive experience in the display sector, has also embraced the goals of “Innovative Green Value, Environmental Friendliness, Smart Living, and Healthy Future” by focusing on “paper-like” and “eyecare” in its product technology strategy. The company is now working to develop eye-safe, low blue-light eco-friendly display technologies. This is why HannStar has formed a partnership with TÜV Rheinland and obtained dual certifications for its eco-friendly display paper product through TÜV Rheinland’s rigorous certification process. The Paper-like Display quality certificate and China Mark certificate not only embody HannStar’s commitment to environmental friendliness and eyecare, but also serve as steppingstones into the China market.

The newly certified eco-friendly paper display is based on the latest generation of HannStar’s Argentum Birefringence display technology. In addition to high image fidelity and blue-light management, the technology can render full-color animation. High-quality visuals and videos can be viewed in both outdoor and indoor environments with lifelike colors. During the latest testing, Argentum Birefringence achieved high scores for reflectivity, color temperature stability, and illumination consistency. Full marks were awarded for color uniformity in particular. HannStar is one of the domestic leaders in paper-like displays. Overcoming all the challenges associated with the new technology has made the latest certification all the more worthwhile. The certificate is also the first global reflective panel for a paper-like display awarded by TÜV Rheinland. This reflective panel can adjust its backlight intensity when there is sufficient ambient lighting to minimize power consumption. HannStar incorporated the concept of environmental sustainability during the design development of the eco-friendly paper display to effectively reduce its product carbon footprint. Display properties such as outdoor visibility, low power consumption, and wide temperature range mean the display remains clear and eye-safe in bright outdoor conditions and extreme temperatures. The endurance of the host device is also greatly increased.

According to Executive Director of Operation Center Leo Huang at HannStar, the latest partnership with TÜV Rheinland proves that the company’s products are compatible with eco-friendliness and eyecare. HannStar will continue to uphold its core philosophy of sustainability and use-associated certifications as a guide to boost its products’ contributions to ESG.

Jennifer Wang, Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland, points to the importance of eco-friendly technologies and products in global development today. The effort invested by HannStar in green products sets yet another green benchmark on the international market. Sustainability developments are now reaching a critical juncture around the world, and she hopes that more businesses will become involved in sustainability and work together to promote eco-friendly technologies and green innovation.

TÜV Rheinland is a leader in carbon footprint and energy management certification. It is also accredited by the Environmental Protection Administration and Water Resources Agency in Taiwan. Since 2009, TÜV Rheinland has played an active role in helping businesses implement environmental standards for energy conservation, toxin-free, and recycling. TÜV Rheinland is not only committed to the UN SDGs, but is continuing to develop services in low-carbon and green energy, green manufacturing and consumption, smart mobility, health and safety. The certification body strives to assist domestic and overseas enterprises boost their green competitiveness by meeting the different requirements of customers and local regulators.