Easyrain at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the future of safety

Easyrain continues its ambitious development plan and announces the latest updates on its devices at Goodwood, which will contribute to achieving the European target of zero road fatalities by 2050.

TURIN, Italy, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Easyrain announce a new investment round that will enable us to industrialize its revolutionary Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution (AIS) system, which will be “production ready” by the fall of 2024. Easyrain is establishing a partnership with a major Tier-1 company in the automotive industry to drive the industrialization and production of the AIS system.


The AIS is the first and only active system that changes road conditions and immediately makes them safer. It sprays a controlled jet of water in front of the front wheels to eliminate excess water on the road, restoring the contact between the tires and the road surface. The AIS is fundamental for traditional or autonomous vehicles, as it saves lives and dramatically reduces accidents in hazardous driving situations, including aquaplaning.

The AIS works in conjunction with our Digital Aquaplaning Information (DAI) software, which accurately detects tire contact with wet road surfaces. It enables innovative safety functionalities for ADAS and assisted/autonomous driving, such as automatically adjusting the speed of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) in low-grip situations. Scheduled for production in late 2025, DAI is the ultimate solution for addressing the challenges of autonomous driving on hazardous or low-grip surfaces.

Easyrain is working on integrating new features into DAI, including snow, ice, pothole, and gravel detection, and have plans to introduce a feature that assesses inaccurate wheel alignment, enhancing both driving safety and vehicle efficiency. This will make DAI an essential tool in extending the range of electric vehicles and reducing CO2 emissions. The DAI software operates independently without dedicated components, internet connectivity, or cloud access.

To celebrate this period of remarkable activity, Easyrain announce the organization of the second Easyrain Experience at Spain’s Idiada proving ground in September. Carmakers, Tier-1 suppliers, and institutions will have the opportunity to test our cutting-edge hardware, software, and cloud technologies.


Easyrain is a startup founded by Giovanni Blandina, with the aim of reducing road fatalities and saving lives in low-grip driving conditions, making a crucial contribution to achieving the European target of zero road fatalities by 2050. Easyrain develops an ecosystem of safety solutions including AIS anti-aquaplaning system, DAI detection software, and ERC cloud for road safety.