easyMarkets Introduces New Cash Indices, Expanding Trading Instrument Selection

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — easyMarkets has launched cash indices in addition to their existing instruments, providing clients with a greater range of trading options.

easyMarkets – cash indices

Cash indices are the latest addition to easyMarkets’s already diverse offering of trading instruments. With this latest addition, easyMarkets now offers access to some of the most in-demand cash indices in the world such as the Nasdaq 100 Cash Index (NQC), the SP 500 Cash Index (SPC), the Dow Jones Cash Index (DJC), the German Cash Index (DEC), the UK 100 Cash Index (UKC), the Euro 50 Cash Index (EUC), the Italy 40 Cash Index (MIB), the Australia 200 Cash Index (AUC), and many more. 

New Cash Indices – An Attractive Trading Opportunity  

easyMarkets has created a brand-new cash indices portfolio to provide clients with new scope for investment. The trade of cash indices provides investors with three major advantages over trading individual securities and commodities: 

Cash indices expose traders to all sectors of the economy, sparing investors from having to research new companies.  Price movements can generally be expected to be less volatile as no individual stock affects the trading movement of an index as a whole. Traders can purchase the current value of underlying indices with tighter spreads and with no expiry date.

In essence, traders gain a massive new level of exposure without having to undertake the time investment and cost of purchasing a range of individual shares that go up to make an index. The introduction of cash indices, alongside the current offering of futures on indices grants clients the flexibility to choose their preferred trading method, enabling the pursuit of trading opportunities that align with their individual investment positions. 

Commenting on the launch, Thomas Tsaloupis, Head of Risk Management at easyMarkets said: “We’re delighted to now offer our clients an even wider selection of indices to trade from. These new cash indices are ideal for traders with either a short or long-term outlook as they have tighter spreads than index futures and the trades are not subject to any expiry date. Our goal at easyMarkets is to continually innovate and provide our customers with the best services, products and platforms, and the introduction of cash indices is a further example of this.”

easyMarkets is dedicated to providing clients with the ability to select a personalised trading approach that works for them, as well as the autonomy to balance investment, exposure, and risk without excessive cost.  

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