DXC Technology Rolls Out Global Initiative to Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Award-winning DXC Dandelion Program expanded across Europe and APAC

LONDON, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, is expanding the DXC Dandelion Program which helps neurodivergent individuals with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other neurological conditions to build careers in the IT industry.

DXC Dandelion Program Co-ordinator, Felicia Vozza working with Daniel, a DXC Dandelion participant (Credit: DXC)

Following the success of the program in Australia and New Zealand, DXC is now launching the initiative across European and Asia Pacific countries. The United Kingdom will be first to launch, building on a 12-month pilot, with Bulgaria, Poland and the Philippines to follow.

Recruitment is now open across the new locations with employment opportunities in various fields including data analytics, software automation, user experience and cybersecurity.

The DXC Dandelion Program was launched in 2014 in Australia with a focus on creating employment pathways and careers for neurodivergent individuals within the IT industry. With no prior professional experience required to participate, DXC has made the program available to individuals of all abilities with the motivation to work in technology. In addition to offering employment, DXC provides participants with technical and vocational training plus professional support by specialised consultants.

Michael Fieldhouse, Social Impact Practice Leader at DXC Technology APAC, who is responsible for the DXC Dandelion Program, emphasizes that “neurodivergent individuals often have an extraordinary ability to think visually and to care for details. These are valuable skills, especially in areas of IT such as cybersecurity and data analytics. By creating an equitable and positive working environment, and by providing the right support framework, we are giving participants of DXC Dandelion the best chance to succeed.”

DXC Dandelion Program in Numbers:

Employment opportunities created for more than 200 individuals to date 92% employment retention rate 30-40% increase in the overall productivity of teams which participate in the program Recognized by industry organizations globally, winning 17 international awards for its contribution to the development of socially beneficial initiatives Recognized in the Top-Scoring Companies list by the Global Disability Equality Index, achieving a score of 100% for the company’s disability and inclusion achievements in the last three years A pilot of the program began in UK in 2021, providing 15 neurodivergent individuals with employment opportunities Participants have the opportunity to work on customer projects. For example, the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), where 4 individuals are working on software testing and User Experience (UX) as part of DXC’s contract to support the Information Management Services 4 (IMS4) program.

Chris Halbard, President of DXC Technology, EMEA, added “As we continue to grow, it’s important that we invest in the communities where we do business and recognize the positive impact of diversity in the workplace. That’s why we are extending DXC Dandelion across Europe and worldwide, helping neurodivergent individuals unlock their unique talents and bring success to themselves, DXC and our customers.”

Cooperation with NGOs

DXC Technology cooperates with non-governmental organizations, foundations and educational institutions which help to expand the reach and impact of the DXC Dandelion Program and supports identifying and selecting participants who could benefit.

“Disparities in employment participation rates for neurodivergent individuals is a global issue that merits our concerted attention,” said Professor of Disability Studies, Academic Director, Susanne Bruyere, Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, Cornell University ILR School. “Cornell University is pleased to partner with DXC Technology as it further moves the DXC Dandelion Program globally to make information about these targeted neurodiversity hiring initiatives more broadly available through a partnership for an online portal that shares related program information.”

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About the DXC Dandelion Program

The DXC Dandelion Program provides an environment that supports and celebrates the talents and skills of neurodivergent individuals— such as those with Autism, ADHD or Dyslexia — and helps them build valuable skills to pursue a career in information technology. Learn more about how we are supporting neurodiversity in the workforce at DXC.com

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Aleksandra Andreasik-Binkowska, DXC EMEA, [email protected]