Dreo Enters New Category With Elevated Collection of Humidifiers

The air care trailblazer debuts three new humidifiers just in time for cold and flu season

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dreo, the pioneer of smart home appliances, has entered a new category with the launch of the Dreo Humidifier Series. Designed to promote a healthy home environment, Dreo’s three new humidifiers are powered by proprietary cutting-edge Mistwave™ technology. The collection includes three models, the HM713S, HM512S and the HM311S, all of which feature a smart control and monitoring system, accurate humidity detection, and a range of enhanced safety features.

Dreo Humidifiers

Mistwave™ technology sets Dreo’s humidifiers apart from others on the market, generating 2.4MHz ultrasonic waves for high-frequency water atomization, enabling the humidifier to emit a fine mist that sidesteps the formation of wet patches, thereby reducing the risk of mold growth in the home. Equipped with a humidity chip, Dreo’s humidifiers offer precise and reliable humidity detection, providing unmatched accuracy, precision, and consistency with each use. The smart humidifier delivers a real-time, 24-hour and 30-day humidity report, empowering users to take full control of their home’s humidity. Users can set up to 10 different humidifying schedules based on their daily routines, with the schedules remaining functional with or without an internet connection.

“With cold and flu season right around the corner, we know shoppers are actively seeking methods of combatting illness and seasonal symptoms, which all begins with a clean, comfortable home air environment,” said Herman, VP of R&D at Dreo. “Dreo is committed to developing safe and easy to use home air care devices, and our new lineup of best-in-class humidifiers offers features and price points for any household shopping for transformative technology to create a healthy home.”

Dreo’s humidifiers are designed with safety in mind, featuring NTC+fuse double protection, water shortage protection, boil dry protection and overheat protection to ensure the humidifiers are safe and reliable for everyday use. The flagship model, HM713S, comes with unique cool and warm mist functions, featuring a PTC heater as the heating element. The warm mist function reaches 133℉ in just 5 minutes, courtesy of the innovative cold and hot zone isolation design.

Ideal for any nursery, HM512S comes standard with a demineralization cartridge that effectively absorbs calcium and magnesium ion minerals in water. The H-Type Ion Exchange Technique inhibits the generation of scale and reduces the generation of white powder, promoting a clean and healthy humidification. Dreo’s HM311S serves as an excellent daily humidifier and is also particularly suitable for gardening enthusiasts. The unique wide mist design makes humidification more efficient for all spaces.

For more information and to shop Dreo’s innovative new line of humidifiers, please visit the Dreo website, Amazon or connect with us on Facebook.


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