DreamSmart Group launched open AI terminal MEIZU 21 PRO and other new products, fully embracing AI

BEIJING, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On 29 February 2024, DreamSmart Group held a special event to launch the first open AI terminal MEIZU 21 PRO and a new colour variant of coronet blue of MYVU smart AR glasses, and announced its “All in AI” new strategy to embrace the promising future of AI technologies.

MEIZU 21 PRO is available in five colours: Black, Ultra Black, White, Purple, and Green. The 12GB + 256GB variant is priced at RMB 4,999 yuan, the 16GB + 512GB variant at 5,399 yuan, and the 16GB + 1TB variant at 5,899 yuan.

MEIZU 21 PRO: Building an open AI terminal

MEIZU 21 PRO is a futuristic device crafted for the AI era, incorporating the pinnacle of design, interaction, and craftsmanship of classic smartphones, embracing the AI era.

As MEIZU’s first flagship phone with an open platform, MEIZU 21 PRO is open to all large model platforms, providing developers with system permissions, API documents, and the processor’s AI computing power, so that developers have full freedom to develop more innovative functions and application services.

To attract large model teams across the world to construct the AI ecosystem, MEIZU will invite all interested teams to develop large model applications on its open platform. At the same time, MEIZU will also set up a reward as high as 1 million yuan for large model application teams with the highest number of monthly active users to stimulate their innovation vitality.

Based on the powerful AI capabilities of the FlymeOS operating system, MEIZU 21 Pro has rich new AI features including the AI Portal, AI-Assisted Input, AI Gallery and AI Voice, refreshing user experience, making itself standing out among AI terminals.

MEIZU 21 PRO is not only an open AI device, but also a large-display flagship smartphone with AI features that is holdable in one hand, with a 6.79-inch 21:9 ratio “one-hand large display” and 74mm ultra-narrow body design, which not only makes the phone more comfortable when held in one hand, but also provides a more immersive experience in scenarios such as watching movies and playing games.

MEIZU 21 PRO uses a 2K+ colourful display on the front, whose colours are super delicate and rich. The display accuracy of up to 512PPI allows every pixel to show every detail in extreme. Whether watching high-definition videos or playing large games, you can enjoy excellent visual effects.

In terms of appearance, the double-sided arcs of MEIZU 21 PRO makes the users’ hand more comfortable when holding it; the innovative Xingyuan technique applied to the back, an integration of technology and art, creates extremely advanced frosted texture. The newly developed MEIZU Titan Glass 2.0 makes its drop resistance more than 200% higher than the previous generation, bringing users safer experience.

In terms of performance, MEIZU 21 PRO is equipped with a third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0, bringing users an unprecedented smooth experience. Its unprecedented innovation in improving interaction experience brings mobile phone interaction to a new height.

With Qualcomm’s latest generation of mTouch Max wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, the fingerprint recognition area of MEIZU 21 PRO has been increased from 8mm*8mm to 30mm*20mm. This means users can easily unlock the phone by touching the fingerprint area from any angle, which is more convenient and comfortable.

MEIZU 21 PRO also achieved a new breakthrough in fingerprint recognition. Its one-key unconscious fingerprint addition function enables users to gently touch the fingerprint area to add their fingerprint, without other unnecessary operations. The pressure interaction function greatly improves the interaction experience of users.

The imaging system of MEIZU 21 PRO has also been greatly upgraded. Its hardware reaches the top in the industry and software optimisation demonstrates MEIZU’s excellence in imaging technologies. Its back cameras include a combination of a 50-megapixel wide-angle main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 10-megapixel telephoto camera to achieve full-focus coverage.

At the same time, the airframe of MEIZU 21 PRO has also been significantly improved, whose water and dust resistance reaches IP68, improving its durability and reliability, bringing users freer experience to use it.

FlymeOS: Building new experience with an AI-enabled system

As a leader in human-machine interaction systems, MEIZU’s Flyme team released its strategic vision of All in AI to users, revealing the future direction of FlymeOS intelligent operating system, providing the best example for the industry in terms of new applications, new architectures and new concepts of human-machine interaction.

There are now many AI features in FlymeOS, including Aicy voice assistant and AI gallery. The Aicy assistant is able to answer not only general questions, but also provide professional knowledge, and also generates texts or pictures according requirements described in natural languages; AI Gallery supports the use of natural languages to search for images, and its functions like Image Enhancement, Magic Eraser, and interesting AI Portrait give users more freedom to experience its powerful image editing and creation capacity.

At this special event, the Flyme team put emphasis on new features such as AI Portal and AI-Assisted Input. AI Portal integrates AI into mBack familiar to Flyme users, who can wake up system AI at any time by simply repressing mBack, making every conversation between users and the large language model more comfortable. AI-Assisted Input autonomously comprehends the context of conversations and automatically generate accurate responses on behalf of users. When generating texts, AI-Assisted Input not only provides one single choice, but also presents multiple alternative suggestions to satisfy different needs of users.

The Flyme team also came up with an ambitious new vision of design, namely AI Native and AI First. AI Native defines the way to use the product according to the characteristics of generative intelligence, making the interaction experience of FlymeOS more convenient and clearer; AI First means with more powerful and generalised large-scale model intelligence, AI functions need to be easier and more accessible for users.

To create outstanding FlymeOS system experience, the Flyme team proposed a number of groundbreaking new concepts of AI technology from a forward-looking perspective at the event, including AI Pocket Secretary, Task Robot, AI Memory Manager, AI Mini APP and Open API Open Plan. These new concepts of AI technology proposed for the AI era are intended to lead the innovation trend of future operating systems.

In this new AI era today, the way to interact is undergoing fundamental changes. With more than 10 years of dedication in developing operating systems, the MEIZU Flyme team will make full use of its significant advantages in human-computer interaction to accelerate the upgrade and optimisation of intelligent operating systems built for the AI era, bringing users more intelligent, convenient and efficient experience.

MYVU: First to realise connectivity with Apple Watch

Since the launch of MYVU All-weather fashion AR smart glasses, MYVU has been widely acclaimed and paid much attention to by various industries. With the success of the special event, MYVU once again announced product upgrades at this event, including practical AI functions such as Smart Music, Smart Meeting Minutes, AI Persona, as well as AI Interpreting and Transcribing supporting 6 languages.

MYVU is also the first to achieve connectivity with Apple Watch, enabling iOS users to enjoy MYVU’s all-weather fashion AR smart experience.

It is worth mentioning that at the event, DreamSmart Group also announced its collaboration with Malaysia’s Digital Way Group to launch the international version of MYVU smart AR glasses, priced at $599, which will premiere in 11 Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

“All in AI” strategic plan: Embracing AI

At the special event, MEIZU also released details of the “All in AI” strategic plan, including the creation of AI Device, the reconstruction of the Flyme system and the construction of the AI ecosystem.

Among them, MEIZU’s AI Device includes AI-based product form design, AI-based global call of hardware computing capacity, etc. By reconstructing the form of hardware products, MEIZU will bring users a more intelligent, convenient and innovative AI product experience. Flyme will also restructure systems and applications from the bottom up by deeply integrating AI technology into the operating system to bring users a more intuitive AI interaction experience. MEIZU will also focus on the construction of AI ecosystems, and fully open MEIZU AI Device hardware to international top large model teams, including OpenAI, to jointly promote the innovation and development of AI technology.

After two years of teamwork, resource allocation, product planning and full pre-research of related technologies, MEIZU now has the ability to switch to the field of AI. As a fully-developed technology ecological company, MEIZU has all-round hardware teams ranging from R & D to the supply chain, as well as a software teams responsible for systematic development, design and interaction, providing solid technical support and service guarantee for implementing the All in AI vision.

MEIZU will gradually put the vision into practice through three years of ecosystem planning and technical development. According to the vision, in 2024, MEIZU’s newly created mobile operating system for the AI era will be updated to build the infrastructure capability for the AI era; MEIZU also plans to release its first AI Device product during Black Friday in the United States this year, and compete head-on with the world’s top AI Device manufacturers.

DreamSmart Group is a full-stack platform of smart terminals across multiple industries. The Group seamlessly integrates smartphones, smart AR glasses, and smart cars around FlymeOS, thus establishing an ecosystem of smart mobility with software and hardware combined. With the advancement of technologies, the interconnectivity of automobiles and smartphones leads the industry into an era of intelligence and ecosystem 3.0. Due to its profound technological expertise across multiple industries, DreamSmart Group is hailed as a representative enterprise in smart ecosystems, along with companies like Huawei and Xiaomi.

The MEIZU brand under DreamSmart Group has enjoyed a history of 21 years and boasts over 30 million MEIZU fans. Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of the Group, stated, “MEIZU had once been a pioneer in China, dashing from the era of MP3 players into the smartphone era. Today, as we transition from the smartphone era to the AI era, MEIZU stands at a new starting point. Through continuous innovation and efforts, we strive to become a leader in AI technologies and to bring users an immersive experience across multiple devices and all scenarios.”