DreameBot X30 Ultra Brings Next-gen Hands-free Cleaning Experience to CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology,  a pioneer of innovative home appliances, introduced its latest flagship robot vacuum, the X30 Ultra, at CES 2024. DreameBot X30 Ultra ushers in a self-cleaning revolution with its Auto Base Station Cleaning and Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush. Moreover, Dreame’s exclusive MopExtend™ RoboSwing Technology has been further enhanced in the X30 Ultra. The X30 Ultra is set to revolutionize the traditional cleaning experience by addressing a wider range of cleaning needs.

X30 Ultra Ushers in A Self-Cleaning Revolution

The X30 Ultra comes with Dreame’s first self-cleaning base station, a 7-in-1 array of automatic options. Its two built-in scrapers clean the base station plates, and the mop is washed with hot water and then automatically and thoroughly dried using hot air, reducing odor and bacteria while removing the need for manual cleaning.

When docked, the X30 Ultra automatically empties its wastewater tank and refills its reservoir while the base station’s intelligent cleaning agent mixing system delivers the perfect water-to-solution ration for a spotlessly clean floor. Also available is the optional Water Hookup Kit, which directly connects the base station to the house’s plumbing to carrying heavy water tanks a thing of the past.

The X30 Ultra holds up to 3.2L of dirt. The robot automatically empties its internal dust bin into the base station when it’s docked. The high capacity means that it only needs to be emptied up to once every 75 days.

Cutting Out the Hassle of Tangled Hair

The X30 Ultra smart robot vacuum also introduces Dreame’s first Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush*. It features cutting heads carefully positioned to cut away tangled hair from the brushes and store the strands in its dust bag. Its smart anti-pinching and anti-jamming design completely shields the cutting heads from damaging carpets and fingers.

Not Just Cleaning, Mopping-Up Too

The enhanced cleaning offered by the X30 Ultra includes the mopping of your home thanks to its enhanced MopExtend™ RoboSwing Technology. Using advanced edge detection and employing Dreame’s Flex Arm, X30 Ultra’s mop gets into all the nooks and crannies of your home, it can twist and delve deeper into corners and nooks as far as 4cm* (according to Dreame laboratory data), further cleaning hidden debris. Such an in-depth clean means that steps, door frames, chair and table legs, and right along the skirting of homes are never missed.

Best of all, the DreameBot X30 Ultra intelligent sensing technologies allows it to adapt to every home’s unique layout and floor types. When moving from vacuuming to mopping, it automatically detects carpets and either avoids them or lifts the mop up to 10.5 mm to ensure that they do not touch the carpet. When it can’t raise the mop high enough to clear high pile carpets, the X30 Ultra will drop it off at the base station and return to cleaning automatically. Users can also set the robot to remove its mop through the DreameHome smartphone app.

Industry-Leading Cleaning Power

Housing a digital motor that produce an industry-leading 8,300Pa of suction power, the DreameBot X30 Ultra can hold up to 5 kg of weight – making light work of larger debris, such as cereal, nuts and small pebbles. Optional modes include Carpet Suction Boost, which applies higher power on each pass, and Carpet Intensive Cleaning, which performs two cleaning passes at lower suction and noise level – both ensuring an even more thorough clean.

Complementing its high-suction cleaning power, the DreameBot X30 Ultra’s new high-flow air duct design captures and lifts dirt from any surface, including upholstery and hard floors.

See The Difference with Smarter Sensing

The X30 Ultra uses intelligent 3D mapping and path planning provided by its smart navigation technology to create customized cleaning for every room. When on the move, its built-in sensors work continuously to detect and avoid up to 70 types of obstacles, including cables, shoes and pets.

Dreame adds another layer of smart control to the cleaning experience with its DreameHome app. The app, available on Android and iOS, give users total control over their robot’s behavior, allowing them to assign cleaning tasks anytime, anywhere.

Industry-leading Battery Life

A 6,400mAh battery powers the X30 Ultra for up to 260 minutes* of vacuuming or mopping in Quiet Mode. It cleans up to 243m² (2615ft²)** on a single charge, perfect even for large rooms. The X30 Ultra returns to its dock to recharge automatically when the power runs low, and picks up from where it left off once it has enough charge. ( above data Tested by Dreame Lab)

Price and Availability

The compact and efficient X30 Ultra will be available for pre-order starting Feb. 28, 2024, in the U.S. via Dreame’s official website and Dreame’s official Amazon store with prices beginning at $1,699.99. Users can enjoy an early-bird discount of 27% off, reducing the price to $1,240.99, when they apply a code at Dreame’s CES 2024 Offer Page.

To be the first to witness the next revolution in hands-free cleaning and see the DreameBot X30 Ultra firsthand, please visit Dreame at CES 2024 at booth 52747, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D at CES 2024.

*The Anti-Tangle TriCut Brush will be available from Feb.28th, 2024

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