Dreame Unveils L10 Prime Robot Vacuum with Upgraded Mop Cleaner Technology

BERLIN, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful run in innovative hands-free vacuum solutions, Dreame Technology, a leading innovative consumer product company that focuses on smart home appliances with the world’s No.1 motor technology that offers highest RPM, has unveiled the latest addition to their robot-cleaning lineup: the L10 Prime. Seen as an upgrade on the W10, the L10 Prime combines the power of a premium vacuum with the versatility of a mop in an automated all-in-one household staple that’s built for convenience. Scheduled to hit southwest European markets on 8 August, the L10 Prime is set to redefine household cleaning with its unmatched efficiency and convenience.

Dreame Unveils L10 Prime Robot Vacuum with Upgraded Mop Cleaner Technology Priced at 599 Euros

Upgraded Mop Cleaner Technology
The L10 Prime autonomously toggles between cleaning modes, adjusting to different surfaces with a 7mm self-raising functionality in a display of sheer versatility. A rotary mop coupled with pressurised scrubbing effectively pick up stains, spills and unseen grains, to leave hard-wood floors polished and carpets spotless for the very best results.

2.5L Water Tank for Uninterrupted Cleaning Experience
Worried about having to refill the tank? Don’t be. Thanks to its self-refilling system, the L10 Prime ensures its generous 2.5L tank is always topped up for hours of uninterrupted cleaning, while the removable studded scrub base plate and self-cleaning function make it incredibly easy to maintain.

Uncompromised Suction Power
Behind its unassuming appearance lies an extraordinary feat of domestic care. The L10 Prime doesn’t hold back on vacuum suction, packing a powerful 4000Pa into an inconspicuous unit with a bristleless rubber roller brush that seamlessly untangles stray hairs and gathers debris.

Purchase Information
The L10 Prime package includes everything you need for to keep your home spic and span:

1x Gold-standard cleaning robot
1x Base Station for round-the-clock charging
1x Side Brush to get those corners
2x Mop Pad (pre-installed)
2x Mop Pad Holder
1x Power Cord
1x User Manual

The L10 Prime will be available for online purchase Dreame’s official Amazon stores in Italy, France, Germany and Spain from 8 August 2023 and will be hitting physical stores not long after.

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About Dreame
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