Dreame Technology Redefines Global Robot Vacuum Market with Revolutionary Robotic Flex Arm

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A robot vacuum with a bionic robotic arm has recently hit the jackpot in the robot vacuum cleaner industry.

This device, which blurs the lines between sci-fi and reality, was created by Dreame Technology, a general robotics company established in 2017. The Dreame Robotic Flex Arm is an example of using robotics technology with a clear, planned path for practical application. This technology was implemented in both mature consumer and commercial robot products, assuring commercial success. It introduced an elevated level of advanced technology developed during research on humanoid robotics technology. Rapidly incorporating this technology into its existing products, Dreame Technology transitioned into a premium robot company.

Dreame Technology Redefines Global Robot Vacuum Market with Revolutionary Robotic Flex Arm

As robot technology advanced, Dreame’s robot vacuum cleaner R&D team achieved a significant milestone by independently developing the world’s first MopExtend™ technology, powered by its innovative bionic arm. Dreame has already applied the Dreame Robotic Flex Arm to robot vacuum cleaners, addressing a common pain point for users seeking to clean along edges. The Dreame Robotic Flex Arm recognizes wall baseboards, table legs, edges of beds, or other edges that are difficult to clean. At the same time, the robot vacuum cleaner utilizes the groundbreaking MopExtend™ technology powered by the Dreame Robotic Flex Arm, wiping dirt and stains just like a real human arm.

As this revolutionary and innovative technology emerged, the Dreame R&D team worked hard behind the scenes, researching as many as 37 extreme edge cleaning solutions. Creating technology required extensive calculations and verification of parameters, as well as testing and verifying thousands of different scenarios. The team overcame many technical challenges, including space design, device precision, and service life. In terms of the sensor processing of its robots, Dreame Technology has made an enormous investment in the intelligent algorithms industry, with its robot vacuum cleaners capable of learning more than 4.05 million data sets and intelligently recognizing more than 70 kinds of obstacles, making it number one in the entire industry.

As a result, Dreame’s bionic arm technology became an instant hit when it was released on the market because it genuinely does address the pain point of cleaning in corners and along edges.

DreameBot L20 Ultra first sale – sold out within 15 minutes of release on South Korea’s Naver livestream; sold out during the product launch in Australia and America; DreameBot L20 Ultra raised over 120 million TWD through crowdfunding in Taiwan, China; DreameBot L20 Ultra series became a best-seller since its release across Southwestern European regions

DreameBot L20 Ultra robot vacuum and mop debuted at IFA 2023 in Berlin, Germany, garnering widespread acclaim and attention. This innovative product has been recognized with numerous awards in various categories, totaling six awards from top tech media this year, solidifying its status as a standout product at the event. The Verge, a leading international news media, also praised DreameBot L20 Ultra’s excellent performance in carpet cleaning. Four leading technology media Android Police, Make Use Of, Ubergizmo, and Gadgety have rated DreameBot L20 Ultra as “Best of IFA 2023”, while two global top-tier media XDA-Developers and Pocket-Lint presented the Spotlight Award for DreameBot L20 Ultra. L20 Ultra Complete won the Best of the Year 2023 by the authoritative Japanese magazine Criticism of Home Appliances with the highest score of product testing.

In the robotics industry, three of the most significant challenges shared by industry insiders include considerable technological difficulties, high manufacturing costs, and the challenge of commercialization. The biggest hurdle among these is commercialization. Robotics enterprises have often been the subject of scrutiny for not being able to sustain themselves, and even Boston Dynamics has found this to be a bottleneck. Discovering diverse application scenarios and achieving commercial revenue alleviate the high manufacturing costs and technological investment required.

The advent of Dreame Technology’s groundbreaking bionic arm technology and its humanoid robot capable of performing latte art will undoubtedly tackle bottlenecks encountered in delivering applications to the robotics market.

What’s more noteworthy is that Dreame Technology has combined robotics technology with innovations from vertical industries, successfully creating more potential for robotics solutions and industry breakthroughs, as well as uncovering more beneficial application scenarios.