Dreame Announces Discounts of up to $450 for Black Friday

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame, a leading technology company and manufacturer of home cleaning appliances, today announced their discounts for Black Friday. From November 17 to 27, Dreame is marking down its high-tech products by as much as $450 on Amazon – giving users a chance to get some of the latest cleaning technology at a very affordable price. Dreame’s discounted lineup consists of Dreame’s latest Robot Vacuum, wet and dry vacuum, newest series of stick vacuum.

Dreame Announces Discounts of up to $450 for Black Friday

DreameBotL20 Ultra — $30 OFF

L20 Ultra is Dreame’s most cutting-edge robot vacuum and mop. Combining a jaw-dropping 7,000Pa suction, exclusive MopExtend™ technology, advanced AI-powered PathFinder™ navigation, auto-emptying, mop-washing, mop-drying, water refilling, solution adding, and a slew of other advanced technologies, the L20 Ultra is the most hands-free cleaning product Dreame has released to date.

The exclusive MopExtend™ and DuoScrub™ systems are particularly impressive, incorporating several Position Sensitive Detectors to identify corners and edges to then extend the high-speed dual rotary mops to clean them more thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the base station practically puts cleaning on auto-pilot with DualBoost™ 2.0 technology and a 3.2L dust bag which combine to deliver up to 75 days of automatic emptying.

Tack onto all of this a mop removal system that literally takes the mop pads off of the robot to vacuum carpets, automatic mop washing, hot air mop drying, and automatic water and solution adding, and there’s virtually nothing you need to do after you’ve set up your robot.

Other advanced features — including ultrasonic carpet detection, detailed app controls, and much, much more — make L20 Ultra a must-have for the holiday season.

DreameBotL10s Ultra — 30% OFF

Targeted at families with large living spaces, the DreameBot L10s Ultra leverages enhanced AI and 3D navigation for a fully automated cleaning experience. This DreameBot autonomously collects dust, mops and dries–offering 60 days of hands-free cleaning with a generous 3-liter dust bag.

Its autonomy doesn’t come at the cost of power. Packed with 5,300pa of suction, L10s Ultra is regarded as one of the most powerful vacuums on the market. Householders don’t have to worry about cleaning the DreameBot out, given its self-cleansing nature and with an additional “Auto-Empty” function when the dust bag gets full.

Dreame H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum — $150 OFF

Dreame’s H12 Pro wet and dry vacuum makes it easy to keep hard floors pristine with an edge-to-edge cleaning design that allows the roller brush to get within 0.2 inches of baseboards, one-press self-cleaning, automatic hot air drying, automatic dirt concentration detection, and a 2-tank cleaning system. 

An industry-leading brushless motor gives H12 Pro impressive suction power. This, in addition to the intuitive LED display, powerful forward traction, lightweight build, and ergonomic handle, makes cleaning effective, efficient, and effortless.

With smart technology to automatically switch between three suction power levels, H12 Pro also reduces energy consumption while optimizing cleaning performance.

DreameBot D10 Plus — $120 OFF

D10 Plus is a robot vacuum and mop equipped with robust 4000Pa suction, an anti-tangling brush, and LiDAR navigation. Moreover, it offers up to 45 days of hands-off cleaning thanks to an auto-empty base station that features Dreame’s DualBoost™ technology.

With 4 suction levels, D10 Plus wipes out large debris, fine particles, and pet hair and automatically boosts suction on carpet. It is further equipped with a built-in mop pad with three levels of water spray, allowing it to maintain the cleanliness of hard floors.

Other features include a large capacity 2L dust bag, detailed app controls, LiDAR navigation and mapping, and more.

Dreame R20 & R10 Cordless Vacuum — Up to $150 OFF

Black Friday offers an excellent chance to bring home any of Dreame’s R-series stick vacuums. Thanks to Dreame’s powerful suction technology and helpful front-mounted lights, the R10 and R20 all make it easy to thoroughly vacuum carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

Of the R series cordless vavuum, R20 boasts the most impressive and versatile performance. With a 190AW suction, front-mounted blue lights that are more effective at revealing less noticeable dust, an advanced dirt detection system that identifies dust concentration and automatically adjusts suction, an illuminated display screen, and a 90-min max runtime, R20 is an excellent choice for high-tech home cleaning.

Black Friday Sale

Dreame’s deep discounts and impressive product lineup make Black Friday an excellent chance to take your home cleaning to the next level and make it easier and more automatic. Shop on Amazon from November 17 to November 27 to take advantage of these great deals. 

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