Dr. Tianyue Yu, Quanergy Systems Co-Founder And Former CTO, Joins Artilux As Strategic Advisor

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and HSINCHU, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artilux, the world leader of GeSi photonic technology for CMOS based SWIR sensing and imaging, announced today that Dr. Tianyue Yu, Quanergy Systems co-founder and former CTO, is joining as its strategic advisor. Dr. Yu’s 25+ years of experience and profound industry knowledge in the field of solid-state scanning LiDAR for automotive and IoT will aid in bolstering Artilux’s next growth phase in providing a scalable 3D sensing and imaging technology platform for various market segments.

Dr. Yu joins Artilux as Strategic Advisor

Solid-state LiDAR is gaining recognition for its reliability, compactness, lightweight design, and cost-effectiveness. It is also considered the pivotal element to the mass-adoption of future LiDAR applications. With electronic beam steering and no moving parts, the use of OPA technology enables true solid-state LiDAR with advantages in terms of size, speed, accuracy, and dynamic scanning. While serving as the CTO and CDO of Quanergy, Dr. Yu’s vision and technical leadership has pushed the OPA Solid State LiDAR technology’s capability envelope and pioneered several industry-first performance benchmarks in last few years.

“Continued innovation is the most critical in technology advancement,” said Dr. Yu, “Artilux’s latest GeSi photodetection technology not only has the potential to deliver superior LiDAR performance under ambient light, but it can also be integrated with large-scale and cost-effective CMOS production technology to enable longer-range sensing while ensuring eye safety. I am excited to explore where it goes.”

Artilux has been propelling the industry revolution with its state-of-the-art GeSi photonic technology for CMOS based SWIR sensing and imaging to expand innovative applications and market opportunities. Many industry leaders from diverse technology fields have been joining forces to accelerate the future of 3D sensing and mobility with affordable safety.

Dr. Andrew Shieh, General Counsel at Artilux with extensive technical background in the photonic integrated circuit field, expressed that: “We are very pleased to bring Dr. Yu onboard as a strategic advisor. With continuing CMOS based SWIR sensing technology breakthroughs in PD, APD, and SPAD arrays, Artilux’s GeSi technology platform is an ideal candidate for integration with silicon-based OPA LiDAR systems. Artilux is looking forward to collaborating with Dr. Yu to demonstrate how fundamental breakthroughs in one technology can remove engineering obstacles and unlock business opportunities in other technology fields, and to establish liaisons with forward-thinking companies across multiple market segments to revolutionize the future landscape of 3D sensing and imaging.”

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