Doo Financial Acquires An Insurance Broker Licensed Entity Regulated By The Hong Kong Insurance Authority

HONG KONG, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Doo Group’s affiliate, Doo Financial, today announced its acquisition of a Wealth Management Limited company (IA FB1823), now known as Doo Wealth Management HK Limited. It is an insurance broker company listed on the Register of Licensed Insurance Intermediaries regulated by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority (IA). 

Doo Wealth Management HK Limited – A New Chapter for Doo’s Global Journey

After a period of steadfast business negotiation, including due diligence, legal documents, and transaction processing, Doo Financial is proud to announce our success in the acquisition. We are pleased to begin the journey of Doo Wealth Management HK Limited, along with the Insurance Intermediary Licence granted by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority (IA). The IA is an insurance regulator independent of the Hong Kong Government. It supervises and regulates insurance intermediaries in Hong Kong to facilitate the stable development of the insurance industry.  

Comprehensive Product Offering – A Protected Future For Our Clients and Their Loved Ones

From life protection to personal health, from financial planning to wealth accumulation, Doo Wealth strives to build a healthier community for our clients and their loved ones with comprehensive protections, to ensure their peace of mind. Our goal is to make a positive impact on society. Accordingly, our professional teams will be providing a broad range of products and services covering two major areas, Life Insurance and General Insurance.

Doo Group’s Global Growth – Achieving Financial Diversity

Under the License Insurance Intermediaries, Doo Wealth Management HK Limited is authorized to conduct General & Long-Term Business (including Linked Long-Term Business) in the Hong Kong region.

This strategic business partnership has proven Doo Group’s strength in seizing the global financial market, offering comprehensive and diversified services and products to our clients worldwide. It is our great stride in creating a more diverse future which also officially marks our new journey in the insurance industry. With the vision to achieve financial services diversity, Doo Group aspires to continuously expand our global growth into new markets to deliver the best services to our valued clients.

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