Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) selects CyberLogitec’s Terminal Operating System to align its operation for the First Fully Automated Terminal in the Republic of Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistics operations technologies and subsidiary of EUSU Holdings announced that Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) had selected terminal operating system(TOS) by CyberLogitec for its fully automated Busan New Port terminal.

Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) Consortium was selected as an operating company for West Container harbor in Busan New Port in 2021, and it will be on a 30-years operation contract from July 2023, which is the 2nd to 5th operation phase of the west container harbor. The operating company will operate the terminal with six berths by integrating the 2nd to 5rh phase, 2nd to 6th phase, and feeder harbors, and it is a targeted smart port to provide cutting-edge stevedore service by applying automated equipment which Busan Port Authority orders.

The project ordered by Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) Consortium and Dongwon Enterprise is targeted to initiate implementation in April 2022 and go live for the 2nd to 5th phase terminal by July 2023, and go live for the 2nd to 6th terminal by 2026. Especially for CyberLogitec, is a significant project since it is the first fully automated terminal operating system project utilizing automatic transfer equipment in the Republic of Korea.

CyberLogitec introduced AI, IoT, Big Data, Hyper Automation, and Digital Twin, the latest technology required for smart ports. Implementing a smart automated terminal operating system in Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) is expected to adopt the latest IT technology, including IoT and Big Data, and several years’ knowledge and experience.

Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT), designed as the first fully automated terminal in the Republic of Korea, pursued the low-cost and high-efficiency terminal operation process. Considering the circumstance that required differentiated technology and project methodology comparing the previous domestic terminal operation system, it is expected to CyberLogitec will enhance the operation efficiency in Dongwon Global Terminal (DGT) by implementing an optimized operation process suitable for the fully automated terminal with the adoption of advanced functions in productivity and simulation.

“CyberLogitec has been selected for the project of the first fully automated terminal operating system in Korea. We dedicate to the port/terminal logistics IT service technology capability and improve automated terminal operation technology in Korea through this project,” said Jeong Min Son, Head of the Port Department. 

Meanwhile, CyberLogitec, completed its transition of the 1st vertical automated terminal in Korea in BNCT (Busan New Port harbor no.2 and 3), and it has been seeking various types of technical cooperation with automated terminals being built.

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