Dogesoft Teams Up with Zoom to Launch Navalink, a No-code Super App for Enterprises

SEATTLE and BELLEVUE, Wash., Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dogesoft announces it has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to launch Navalink, the easy-to-customize super app built to upgrade operational efficiency, employee experience, and stakeholder engagement at large enterprises.

Navalink is a no-code super app, designed to streamline business operational flows by building a branded community to connect business stakeholders, empowering employees, partners, and suppliers to collaborate seamlessly in ONE place.

Navalink is born out of necessity. The idea behind originates from the following facts: time-consuming app switching, underseen frontline workforce, and the complexity of real business operations. To tackle these problems, Navalink starts by offering an easy way for enterprises to integrate the existing applications and data into one super app. This can significantly streamline workflows and save time for all potential stakeholders.

Next, collaboration must give frontline workers more visibility and extend throughout the entire organization. Also, the collaboration logic of an efficient platform must be task-based and people-centered. Therefore, Navalink chose to build its features around different business operation scenarios, no matter how big or small. Taking the retail industry as an example, Navalink can help frontline workers monitor product storage and simplify transaction flow. It can also help build a virtual community that involves all retail stores and improve their connection with the support center, thus accentuating store employee engagement.

Navalink is also aware of how diversified employee personas can be. Customization hence becomes a necessity. A personalized user experience is exactly what sets Navalink apart from other seemingly alike collaboration and community platforms. With Navalink’s no-code building feature, enterprises can easily drag and drop modules to design, generate, and release customized app templates for different user personas in various industries, which becomes big leverage for creating a personalized stakeholder experience. Therefore, Navalink is undoubtedly a perfect digital platform to improve employee experience and expand connections among stakeholders.

Navalink is always responding to new challenges and envisioning the future. Today, Dogesoft announces it has joined Zoom’s ISV Partner Program to optimize Navalink’s video-based collaboration. With solutions like Zoom Meeting, Navalink provides smooth collaboration between internal and external participants, as well as a reinforced connection that highlights instant, inclusive, informative exchanges. “People are always at the center of our design thinking process. By teaming up with Zoom and shaping it into an integral part of employee experience, we truly raise our clients’ experience to a new level,” says Leo Chin, the founder of Dogesoft. “In time, video streaming will weigh more in the fabric of human connection. With Zoom, we intend to help our customers build an adaptive, holistic, and resilient business operation platform that truly increases efficiency and boosts employee engagement.”

In a time of chaos and burnout, Dogesoft makes it a priority to find the balance between digital innovation and the mission to preserve human connections. With Navalink, enterprises can effortlessly build their own digital business ecosystem to simultaneously celebrate operational efficiency and employee enablement. Eventually, Navalink aims to create a new kind of workplace culture – efficient, engaging, and empowering.

About Dogesoft

At Dogesoft we are dedicated to bringing efficiency and compassion to every organization. Every year, we develop digital people engagement solutions for organizations in retail, pharma, education, etc. People are at the center of our values. We believe that by empowering employees, partners, and customers to work together effortlessly and happily, we can boost organizations’ operational efficiency and people engagement.

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