Dobot Robotics Unveils CR20A High Payload Collaborative Robot at Hannover Messe

HANNOVER, Germany, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dobot Robotics officially released the CR20A high payload collaborative robot based a new generation technology at Hannover Messe 2023. The robot boasts outstanding performance, a 20 kg payload capacity, a 1700 mm super wide working radius, and ±0.1 mm repeatability, making it suitable for heavy load handling, packaging, and palletizing, as well as large-sized workpiece machining and long-seam welding in complex scenarios.

Wide Radius. High Payload. Greater Efficiency.

Based on new generation technology and advanced dynamic algorithms, the CR20A’s residual vibration is reduced by 50% during high-speed stops,and has enhanced reliability to greatly improves production efficiency in heavy-load scenarios. 

Dobot has developed dedicated process package software for palletizing, welding and other complex tasks. By combining CR20A, users can quickly customize and deploy the solutions with a few simple setup steps.

Reliable Safety Features.

As a high payload cobot, safety is a fundamental requirement. CR20A innovatively adopts an electromagnetic brake protection mechanism, which automatically engages in the event of a power outage, preventing the robot’s end tool from falling and ensuring no displacement occurs during start-up and shut-down, thus ensuring safe robot operation.

In production applications, the robot’s actual load may change due to process adjustments. To avoid problems caused by significant load deviations, the CR20A has a load auto-detection function.

Easy To Use. Highly Expandable. 
Dobot’s philosophy is reflected in the CR20A’s innovative dual end effector connector design, allowing it to connect directly to multiple end effectors and be used with a wide range of third party accessories. This feature also avoids the problem of complex cable deployment that may hinder robot motion. The CR20A supports Ethernet/IP and Profinet, seamlessly connects with other automation systems via PLC, and has 24 channels of universal IO ports that support for PNP/NPN switching. 

Traditional industrial robots are difficult to deploy and lack flexibility, and lightweight cobots are unable to meet the requirements of payload and arm length. Therefore, CR20A becomes the best choice for solving these problems.

As a leading manufacturer of cobot, Dobot has always adhered to the concept of human-robot collaboration, committed to developing safe and easy-to-use products. The launch of the CR20A marks another milestone in Dobot’s product line, forming a complete product matrix that covers 0.5 kg to 20 kg payloads to fulfill a wider range of applications.

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