Discover the Future of AI: Ubi-chan at Tokyo Game Show 2023

TAIPEI, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ubitus K.K., a global leader in cloud gaming solutions, will demonstrate potential AI applications in games, based on customized large language models (LLM), graph diffusion models, and other generative AI tools. Come talk to Ubi-chan, the AI avatar of Ubitus, at the 2023 Tokyo Game Show in Convention Hall BM-10.

Advancing AI in Games

Ubitus is at the forefront of providing AI solutions in games, encompassing content, interface, and visual presentation. By training LLM with game data and local language, AI can converse like a knowledgeable Japanese gamer. By incorporating voice recognition and text-to-speech, AI can chat like a real person. By synchronizing body, facial, and lips movements with voice, avatar and human characters can come to life. All these AI technologies consummate to Ubi-chan, an AI avatar who is fluent in spoken Japanese and knowledgeable of Japanese games. Ubi-chan can be a receptionist at TGS, an NPC in games, a moderator in game forums; as long as there is a browser and an internet connection, Ubi-chan is there to serve and accompany you. 

“AI can dramatically enhance productivity and enrich user experiences. As a solution provider, we want to help our customers gain the upper hand in this fast AI revolution,” Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus, commented. In addition to Ubi-chan, Ubitus can provide support for game companies to apply AI in their production process, as illustrated by Ubi Art, an image generative tool like Stable Diffusion.

Experience the future of AI with Ubi-chan

From September 21st to 22nd, visitors are invited to interact with Ubi-chan firsthand at Ubitus booth or via online

Interested companies can make appointments during our meeting sessions to learn more about specific AI applications.

About Ubitus

Ubitus operates the world’s best GPU virtualization technology and cloud streaming platform, and is dedicated to providing a superior user experience via its advanced technology. As long as users are connected to a broadband network, they can enjoy AAA gaming experience across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, and personal computers.

With innovative Game Cloud® technology, Ubitus is able to stream interactive media content with immersive experience on multi-devices for platform operators and digital content developers, to accelerate metaverse popularization with broad applications.

Leveraging the power of GPUs, Ubitus has ventured into AI development. Large language models (LLM), graph diffusion models, and other generative AI tools aim to provide innovative solutions for unique challenges across various industries.