Digital-Led and Innovation-Driven Digital Finance Forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference 2022 to Be Held on July 30

Highlights of the Digital Finance Forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference 2022

BEIJING, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Digital Economy Conference (hereinafter referred to as GDEC) 2022, focusing on the new trends and hot issues of digital economy, will be held on July 28-30, 2022. It is hosted by People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Cyberspace Administration of China and China Association for Science and Technology.

As an important part of the thematic forums of this GDEC, the Digital Finance Forum, to be held on July 30, will be organized by the Shijingshan District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Asia Digital Group. The forum will focus on how to drive financial innovation and digital strategic upgrade, promote the connection and cooperation between fintech and digital currency, and build a bridge for communication between financial industries in and out of China.

Profound changes are taking place in the way societies and economies operate today. The digital economy has become a new economic feature following the agricultural economy and the industrial economy. It has been deeply integrated into various fields of the national economy, and has become a strategic choice to grasp the scientific and technological revolution chances and new opportunities for industrial transformation. How to integrate “finance + technology” into the real economy has become a high-profile key issue of the financial industry.

Set deep conception and high standard from a global perspective

At the beginning of 2022, the magazine Qiushi published an important article, Building up the Strength, Quality, and Size of China’s Digital Economy. According to this article, the speed of the digital economy’s development, the extent of its reach, and the level of its impact are unprecedented; and it is fast becoming a critical force that is reordering global production factors, reshaping global economic structures, and transforming global competition. Many subjects on new economy and new finance need in-depth exploration and continuous research.

In the face of such opportunities and challenges, this Digital Finance Forum, themed as “Digital-Led and Innovation-Driven”, will invite 20+ heavyweight guests, well-known experts and scholars, and representatives of international financial organizations from over ten countries. Brainstorming from a global perspective will be conducted on important issues such as how to seize the opportunities brought by the increment from the deep integration of “finance + technology” and drive financial innovation and digital strategic upgrade under the new dual-cycle pattern. Guests from all over the world will share, in forms of keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, the latest achievements at all levels, ranging from the development of digital finance to financial policy interpretation, cutting-edge financial technologies, and financial management experience so as to explore replicable and scalable development models and paths for deepening the reform and innovation of inclusive digital finance and serving the real economy.

Home field empowers the innovation and integration of “finance + technology”

Digital finance is a process of digitalization of the financial industry with a new generation of information technology as the core, which will promote the digital transformation and development of various fields. The new application of digital finance will become a tipping point in the tech industry, which will bring structural opportunities for the transformation and development of the financial industry, and further strengthen the deep integration of financial services and the real economy so as to make the business formats of digital finance flourish.

This forum will be held in the Beijing Banking & Insurance Business Park, a national-level financial innovation demonstration zone jointly initiated and constructed by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. With strong capacity and remarkable construction achievements in fintech, Beijing has been a top-tier innovative municipality for many consecutive years. Taking the national financial industry demonstration zone as a model, the forum will give full play to the home field advantage to highlight the industrial ecological charm of the gathering of fintech institutions, demonstrate the construction achievements of Beijing in building a global benchmark city for the digital economy, and set up a service platform for fintech and digital finance.

Be it macroeconomic policy orientation or technology implementation in micro level, transformation of the financial industry, or current product strategies of companies, cutting-edge technologies, advanced concepts, and practical needs will be integrated here, where efforts of many parties will be combined to find more development paths for the innovative integration of “finance + technology”.

Diversified services enrich industry docking

This forum centers on new trends in the development of the global financial industry and aims to promote the integration of finance and digital economy. Meanwhile, it will provide one-stop service from docking to results transformation for all participants via the combination of offline conferences and cloud exhibitions. In order to realize the orderly docking and development of “digital finance + related industries” through multiple services, a new synergy of fintech and a new format of the fintech industry will be formed through the high-level display and exchange platform for projects in financial innovation, which can also provide authoritative endorsement for the release of high-quality results.

In the cloud exhibition of achievements in digital finance, the audience can experience the positive results of the financial industry in Shijingshan District, understand the innovative ideas of financial policies for the construction of “two zones”, and get to know many landed projects and enterprises in finance with technological innovation. In addition, they can learn about goals and future planning of green finance, fintech services and financial security achievements. The display in a detailed and multi-dimensional manner will reduce the communication cost of all parties and effectively promote the docking and transformation of various industries.

In addition to holding a closed-door meeting of high-end think tanks in the field of digital finance and the signing ceremony of key projects in Shijingshan, the forum will witness the establishment of the Shijingshan District Digital Finance Think Tank, and the presentation of the letter of appointment for the Senior Advisor in Digital Finance for Shijingshan District People’s Government, all for building a high-end carrier for exchanges between governments and enterprises and cooperation between China and other countries.

As evidenced by the upcoming sharing of cutting-edge academic achievements around the world as well as the docking of fintech projects and the transformation of achievements, the Digital Finance Forum of the GDEC 2022 will provide a comprehensive service platform with deep integration of enterprises, universities, research institutes and end-users to facilitate the vigorous development of a new digital finance ecosystem.