Digital Entertainment Platform JollyMax Empowers Game Developers to Go Global

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global digital entertainment one-stop platform JollyMax is enabling game developers around the world to find and expand into regional gaming communities.


With extensive experience in promotion and localization, JollyMax provides a win-win service for teams looking to reach alternative emerging markets. These services benefit local users who are able to access world-class games in their native languages and with promotional activities to lower the barrier to entry and encourage more participation. So far, this service has boosted brand awareness and sales for a number of leading games, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Super Sus.

Stipulating the company’s aim within its name, JollyMax is a portmanteau of Joy and Max. As such, the platform is focused on not just recharging in-game currency services but also bringing additional layers of fun to gaming. For brands, JollyMax assists in localization through running tournaments, live broadcasts, and giveaway events, as well as supporting other gamification activities on social media such as quizzes, ‘spot the difference’ puzzles and guessing games. These competitions are brand IP-specific and cultivate an Internet-wide community of players.

“Maintaining a global presence and attracting new users can be challenging even for high-quality game development studios. Aside from competition amongst other studios, adapting games to suit the language and cultural norms of players in different regions is immensely difficult due to a lack of deep understanding of the local cultures and user preferences. In addition, development studios may struggle to identify key regional players to collaborate with in marketing and promotion, further alienating them from their target users,” said Dana Gu, Global Community Manager of JollyMax. “Given the JollyMax team’s expertise in emerging markets, we are able to assist studios in launching appropriate and effective campaigns in order to garner local attention, connect with players, and hit sales goals.”

Recently, JollyMax assisted the social deduction action game Super Sus in localizing for international players. JollyMax helped the werewolf-like roleplaying game in launch promotion, highlighting the high-quality and unique fun on offer and enabled Super Sus to reach its commercialization targets. Throughout the campaign, JollyMax spent time hyping up the game through influencers, allowing trial players’ early access, and offering exclusive discounts for new players to get started. Following the launch, JollyMax continued to hype the game in different regions, supporting purchases from 15 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Brazil, boosting daily sales by 500%.

From the 8-14 of August, JollyMax celebrated its first anniversary with discounts and giveaways across a huge range of supported games. During the event, JollyMax leveraged an increase in attention to further promote key gaming partners, including gifting free items such as “JollyMax exclusive Anniversary Hats” to Super Sus players who recharged or purchased in-game items via the platform. Aside from ensuring local players are able to access and enjoy the highest-quality games at the most affordable prices, JollyMax is also committed to helping international games reach local audiences and connect with passionate gaming communities around the world.

As a digital entertainment platform, JollyMax’s advantage lies in its in-depth understanding of local users, as well as its regional marketing and promotion resources and channels. The company will continue to partner with game developers to create one-stop marketing solutions, boost brand awareness and expand global influence.

About JollyMax

JollyMax is a premier global retail platform offering gaming enthusiasts around the world access to some of the most cost-effective deals on digital products and services. JollyMax partners with top global merchants, game companies, and payment providers to support users from all over the world.