DFRobot to Present its IoT-enabled ‘Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable City’ Solution at Bett 2024

SHANGHAI, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DFRobot, a global leader in STEM education solutions, will showcase its IoT-enabled ‘Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable City’ Solution at Bett 2024 from January 24th to 26th. This solution combines the principles of ‘Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable City’ design with IoT technology to provide a hands-on learning experience for students and teachers. By integrating programming, hardware control, data acquisition, and IoT platform skills, it enables them to effectively monitor and instruct ‘Sustainable City’ intelligent systems. This initiative aims to enhance IoT education in schools.

The ‘Sustainable City’ Solution creates a low-carbon, sustainable city with energy-efficient homes, green power factories, and climate smart greenhouses. The homes have decorative light strips that mimic sunrise and sunset, with sensors controlling shades and indoor lighting for energy savings. The factories utilize wind and solar power, storing energy in batteries and displaying solar energy production on the SCI screen. The greenhouses have sensors to monitor environmental conditions, and all data is transmitted securely to an IoT platform via the micro:bit Obloq module.

At the forefront of programming, robotics, and AI EdTech, DFRobot also displays its BOSON kits and projects that cater to learners at various levels, starting from non-coding to coding with micro:bit. One such project is the BOSON kit designed for conducting conductivity tests on salt solutions. By utilizing the conductivity sensor, students are able to observe and compare the data levels of pure water and salt solutions.

Using the Maqueen Plus and Maqueen Mechanics – AI-enabled robotics kits – visitors will have the chance to see scientists no longer need to personally transport soil, water, or specimens. By simply placing a QR code, the vehicles will automatically transport them back to the warehouse. Moreover, DFRobot will showcase innovative projects centered by Unihiker – IoT Python Single Board Computer with Touchscreen like Intelligent vehicle system and fruit classification.

Ricky Ye, CEO of DFRobot, said: “We are excited about our offerings at Bett this year, featuring innovative products and engaging displays. Our goal is to inspire young minds in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With our dynamic and innovative products, we provide students and teachers with an exciting opportunity to explore coding, programming, and AI.”

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