DFRobot Shines at Bett London 2024 with Cutting-Edge STEM Solutions

SHANGHAI, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DFRobot, a global leader in STEM education solutions, made a remarkable presence at Bett 2024 by showcasing its state-of-the-art STEM education solutions. Its highlight was the groundbreaking IoT-enabled ‘Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable City’ Solution. Additionally, DFRobot presented an array of captivating product displays such as the Boson Lamp & Smart Home, Maqueen Smart Construction Vehicle, the Lark Weather Station for real-time weather data detection, and Unihiker for Python learning and AI applications like intelligent vehicle systems. These exhibits garnered substantial attention and engagement from event attendees.

DFRobot Bett 2024 London

The Boson Lamp project showcases the functionality of different lamps in a home scenario using Boson modules. By utilizing touch, rotation, button, and light sensors, along with lights, motors, logic gates, and other functional modules, various lamp interactions can be achieved without the need for coding. The Boson Smart Home is a smart home system controlled by MakeCode programming. Users can easily control this smart home system using MakeCode programming and Boson modules. Pressing a button opens the bedroom door, and the user has the ability to turn the fan on or off and adjust its speed by rotating a knob.

The Maqueen Smart Construction Vehicle project utilizes a Smart Construction Vehicle system equipped with offline voice recognition sensor, speech synthesis module and a vision sensor- Huskylens. The vehicles, including the Explorer, Miner, Guard, Porter, and Gardener, are capable of autonomously transporting items by scanning QR codes. The Control Center, with its Huskylens visual sensors, enables recognition and control of tasks. This innovative system revolutionizes scientific research activities by streamlining the transportation process and enhancing efficiency.

DFRobot showcases Unihiker, a popular and user-friendly development computer. It features a color LCD touchscreen for displaying data charts and is specifically designed for Python learning and AI applications. Unihiker comes with a Python programming environment and comprehensive built-in libraries, providing an optimal learning experience. With its extensive hardware support for motors, sensors, and LEDs, Unihiker is versatile and suitable for various AI applications. At the Bett event, DFRobot presents Unihiker in the context of intelligent vehicle systems and fruit classification projects, demonstrating functionalities such as traffic light recognition, obstacle avoidance, and neural network-based model training.

The Lark Weather Station is a compact and portable device that provides real-time weather data wherever you are. It is an excellent tool for students to learn about atmospheric conditions, including wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and pressure. At the Bett show, DFRobot showcased the Lark Weather Station connected to a Unihiker, allowing the real-time weather data charts to be displayed on the LCD touchscreen of the Unihiker. This setup enables convenient tracking and long-term storage of weather data.

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