DFI To Showcase Latest Embedded Products and AIoT Solutions at Embedded World, Focusing on Edge AI Opportunities

TAIPEI, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DFI, the global leader in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, will release their latest products and embedded AI solutions this year at Embedded World in Germany. The three highlights of the exhibition include the launch of the 1.8-inch AMD Ryzen™ high-performance industrial motherboard, Intel’s newest Raptor Lake-S and Alder Lake series processors, and the industrial motherboard with the Qualcomm® high-performance QRB5165 processor.

DFI’s booth at Embedded World will focus on smart city, smart factory, Industrial Pi, industrial motherboards, and rugged products as its key edge computing applications in various fields to demonstrate flexible and customized systems. By leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), DFI can sufficiently meet customers’ “new infrastructure” needs.

In terms of smart cities, DFI will be showcasing a number of system solutions for roadside and vehicles such as Edge AI Boxes and T-Boxes. Vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X) can be effectively used to solve issues with traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and smart transportation security. 

Smart factories are still the main focus of global manufacturing development. Workload Consolidation created by advanced virtualization software and hardware technology is one of the highlights of this year’s exhibition. As Intel’s first partner with Intel® Virtualization Technology verification (Graphics SR-IOV), DFI will create a virtualized environment on the exhibition floor while executing common applications in the industrial automation field.

In terms of Industrial Pi and industrial-grade motherboards, after previously releasing the GHF51, the world’s first miniature 1.8 inches high performance motherboard with the AMD Ryzen™ R1000 processor, DFI will be launching its new product PCSF51 equipped with the new generation AMD Ryzen™ R2000 processor, Not only are the CPU and GPU cores double compared to the previous generation, but the overall performance and computing power are also increased by 50% and 15% respectively.

Finally, in terms of rugged products, DFI will be illustrating superior product design when it comes to features such as shock resistance, waterproof, dust-proof, and wide temperature and pressure.

Embedded World 2023 will be held from March 14th to March 16th at Nuremberg Messe in Germany. DFI visitors can use the code “ew23web” to register for free. Booth information: Hall 2-631

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