DFI Showcases Complete Line of Smart Factory Solutions at India’s Automation Expo for the First Time

TAIPEI, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DFI, a global leader in embedded motherboards and industrial computer solutions, seizes the opportunity for global smart manufacturing transformation by relying on years of experience in industrial automation. This year, they will participate for the first time in India’s Automation Expo 2023, the largest international automation exhibition in Southeast Asia and South Asia. With intelligent factories as their focus, DFI will present factory automation-related solutions such as SR-IOV virtualization technology and AGV/AMR robotics, hoping to become the best partner in the transformation of India’s manufacturing industry.

DFI has planned four themed areas for the exhibition: factory automation, rugged products, motherboards, and systems. The exhibits include industrial-grade motherboards, embedded system modules, touchscreen tablets, and rugged systems. Among them, the “SR-IOV virtualization technology” developed in partnership with Intel can improve the efficiency of factory transformation. Additionally, the first “3.5-inch high-performance industrial-grade motherboard QRB551” created with Qualcomm to meet industrial automation needs stands out as a highlight of the exhibition area.

With two weapons in hand, DFI aims at opportunities in factory automation and robotics

The importance of AGV/AMR robotics in factories increases daily, and the performance demands are also higher. Developed for this field, DFI will exhibit the QRB551, the world’s first single-board computer (SBC) with the QRB5165 high-performance processor. This product works with Qualcomm’s robotic development platform RB5, which has low power consumption and high performance, making it suitable for integrating 5G networking and top-level Edge AI for robotics innovations. Furthermore, it can also address AI applications such as appearance identification, defect detection, and human body posture recognition.

When examining the transformation of factory automation, which often encounters challenges related to time consumption and high costs, SR-IOV virtualization technology enables users to run various operating systems (OS), such as Windows, Ubuntu, and Android, in the industrial automation sector. This allows for the simultaneous integration of substantial amounts of shared data.

The label ‘Make in India‘ holds significant potential for business opportunities, and DFI intends to reinforce and expand its market share

In recent years, the Indian government has consistently regarded ‘Make in India‘ as a pivotal direction for industry transformation. It has encouraged the local manufacturing industry to expand its scale continually. Amidst the current energy conservation trends, carbon reduction, and intelligent transformation, numerous factories are actively adopting technologies such as Edge AI, cloud computing, and AMR/AGV robotics to promote digital transformation, boost competitiveness, and ensure corporate sustainability.

DFI President Alexander Su expressed, “India has developed rapidly in recent years. The transformation of the manufacturing industry is not only robust, but it has also occurred from multiple perspectives, encompassing aspects from production to operations. DFI has been deeply involved in the industrial automation field for many years. Next, we will strengthen our local planning and continue to enhance customers’ trust and brand recognition with our technology innovations and comprehensive services. Additionally, we plan to expand from India into Southeast Asia to enhance our market share.”

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