DFI Joins Forces with Six Distributors to Seize India’s Industrial Transformation Opportunities

TAIPEI, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DFI, a global leader in embedded systems and industrial computer (IPC) solutions, has had long-term plans for the Southeast Asian market. Focusing on India, where the economy has taken off in recent years, DFI has announced that it will expand its efforts. Tomorrow, DFI will sign strategic cooperation agreements with six local distributors, including Dynalog Limited. DFI hopes to accelerate market penetration and seize opportunities in industrial automation, networking, defense, transportation, smart cities, and other sectors in India.

The collaboration facilitated by DFI aims to achieve two main objectives: rapidly increase “brand awareness” and “market share” in India. Dynalog has over 30 years of experience in automation solutions and a market presence covering all of India. Technics is a leading Indian automation solutions provider with a strong focus on the industrial automation and IoT markets and occupies an important position in Northern India. Alltronix, Avihs, and Netport are actively involved in the southern region of India, while LUBI Electronics is a leading automation solutions provider in India with a strong focus on the embedded systems market.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, India has actively promoted industrial transformation policies such as “Make in India.” With a population of over 1.4 billion, India offers immense domestic market opportunities and has become one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies in recent years. In 2022, India’s GDP grew by 6.7%, surpassing the UK to become the fifth-largest economy globally, and it is expected to have a chance to rank among the world’s top three economies in the future.

According to DFI President Alexander Su, India has become a fiercely contested territory for industries worldwide, particularly with the government’s focus on the “Make in India” policy.

DFI participated for the first time this year at “Automation India 2023, the largest international automation exhibition in Southeast Asia and South Asia, further demonstrating its commitment to deepening its presence in the local market.

Given the rapidly changing global economic landscape and the implementation of economic policies like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Southeast Asia has become a significant driving force for global economic growth in 2022 and this year. Therefore, apart from India, DFI plans to expand its presence in other countries to strengthen its connections with various Southeast Asian markets and further enhance its brand influence.

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