DFI Exhibits 5G Smart Pole at Computex, Integrating AI Computing to Greatly Improve Urban Efficiency

TAIPEI, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DFI today announced their participation in Computex Taipei 2023. With Smart Cities being the spotlight this year, DFI and partner 5GIoTLead Technology showcased their 5G Smart Pole solution. By integrating various software and hardware devices such as communication, urban security, environmental monitoring, and charging stations, they demonstrated their strengths in AI edge computing and 5G. Together they have grasped the global smart pole business opportunities.

Computex Taipei is one of the top three ICT exhibitions in the world, focusing on six major themes this year: high-performance computing, AI applications, next-generation connectivity, hyperreality, innovations and startups, and sustainability. DFI built a real Smart Intersection and worked with its partners to provide the most advanced 5G Smart Pole solution for applications in various fields in smart cities.

Using DFI’s ultra-compact fanless system, EC70A-TGU, to execute high-performance AI edge computing integrates large amounts of shared data and accelerates pedestrian detection, people counting, etc. The data is then synchronously sent back to the Smart Pole.

The solution is also implemented in the 5G Smart Pole Service Platform by 5GIoTLead Technology. The information further assists vehicle managers remotely switching on and off, scheduling, and monitoring various devices.

Additionally, management efficiency is enhanced with the ability to visualize monitoring data.

“The 5G Smart Pole solution can be applied to fields such as the Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, and AI to provide comprehensive solutions for smart cities,” said DFI President Alexander Su. “It improves the operational efficiency of cities, enables city managers to effectively use urban data, and provides citizens with a more convenient, safer, and sustainable lifestyle.”

5GIoTLead Technology expressed, “Smart Pole is an important carrier for building smart cities, and the 5G Smart Pole Service Platform is presented with a GUI visual management interface to assist the solution in being more intuitive and complete in terms of management.”

With the increasing importance of EV-related new technology and new energy applications, developing the Internet of Vehicles has also quickly attracted attention and has been integrated into smart cities. DFI’s 5G Smart Pole solution provides high-speed, low-latency network connectivity to support large amounts of connected devices and transmitted data.

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Evelyn Chang
[email protected]