DFI Displays its Mobility with their First Win of the 2022 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award

TAIPEI, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, DFI, the world leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, has actively implemented corporate sustainable management. In addition to producing a sustainability report this year, the company also signed up for the “2022 15th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA)”, winning the “Corporate Sustainability Report Category – Electronics and IT Manufacturing Bronze Award.” Although this was DFI’s first outing, the company won the third party’s recognition. In the future, DFI will continue to optimize its sustainable development goals.

The “2022 15th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” award ceremony, organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, was held in November. Alexander Su, President of DFI, attended the ceremony on behalf of the company. The organizer stated that 424 corporations and other organizations participated in the 15th TCSA, an increase of 29% compared to last year and a record. With the record-high number of participants, winning an award was a challenge.

Alexander Su stated that since this is the first corporate social responsibility report published by DFI this year, winning the award represented great affirmation. In terms of environmental protection, at the beginning of the year, DFI’s carbon inventory results were reviewed by an international third party and received ISO 14064-1 certification. Regarding social responsibility, DFI provided automotive systems to help transportation in rural areas. In terms of corporate governance, in addition to reaching a record-high 58.2% annual increase in consolidated revenue for 2021, DFI has also implemented a complete information security management system and a 5-year improvement plan. DFI continues to update its official website and manage social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to establish open and diverse channels for communication with stakeholders.

The wave of new infrastructure brought on by global production automation and digital transformation will make smart manufacturing applications a long-term, rigid demand. DFI will work with its group partners and subsidiaries to implement various energy-saving and carbon-reducing operations and improve energy efficiency. While fulfilling its social responsibilities, DFI will help companies accelerate their transformations and deployments and satisfy their foundational needs. The company will continue to innovate and improve production capacity to create maximum customer value and become the best partner for the intelligentization OT of corporate operational technology.

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