Design-Empowered and Future-Driven: Contemporary Good Design Award 2022 Announces 188 Winning Works

XIAMEN, China, Dec. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Contemporary Good Design Award 2022 (CGD 2022) announced 188 winning works recently, including 22 entries that garnered the Gold Winners distinction and two Best Smart Product winners. Award winners included leading global brands and emerging Chinese designers, with some of the most interesting entries coming from the intelligent products, pet lifestyle and healthcare segments etc.

Organized by Red Dot, Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) aims to select good designs for contemporary society and aspires to provide the highest quality of package to its winners. The Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2022 will be showcased at the recently opened Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen in mid-2023.

Building a bridge to help outstanding designs toward the national market and the international stage

CGD 2022 received entries worthy of further consideration from 12 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the US, demonstrating a significant improvement in the engagement of participants worldwide as well as in the overall quality of entries. The winning works came from the intelligent technology, human-computer interaction, new materials, life aesthetics, pet economy and other industry segments.

Each and every good design deserves to be respected. In line with the goal of creating one of the leading Chinese design awards and innovation platforms with an international reputation and market promotion opportunities, CGD continues to provide winners with compelling benefits, one of the most important of which to entrants is the ability to match companies and designers with production, promotion and marketing channels. The award committee is committed to connecting competitive ideas from China with design resources worldwide as part of the mission to assist good designers in finding a home for their products in both the Chinese and international markets.

Red Dot founder and CEO, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, said, “I am proud to say that the CGD is becoming one of the most important independent design awards in China. With the competition, we are looking for more interesting and innovative designs every year.”

The role of design in social responsibility: a driver behind innovations in contemporary lifestyles

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest influences of lifestyle changes, giving rise to reflection on how important it is to become aware of and take steps to care for our own health, to reflect on the nature of life itself, and to protect mankind’s and nature’s most vulnerable groups. Good design accelerates the adoption of a new lifestyle and can be highly innovative in enhancing daily productivity. The winning works at CGD 2022 include several designs that highlight the importance of health and wellness, that call on everyone to pay more attention to the quality of one’s life and that act as a driver to boost social development.

At the annual Design Trend Forum held during CGD 2022, Cai Jun, a professor from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, presented an analysis of the trends that were reflected in the entries submitted to CGD. He also shared his insights into the trends attributable respectively to technology-powered improvements to the quality of life, a more humanistic approach to life itself, care for life, and ecological sustainability.

Professor He Renke, dean of the School of Design, Hunan University, shared his opinions on the theme of Design and Social Responsibility. He said that a good design should contribute to the sustainability of human life, and that design ideas should gradually transition from being purely human-centered to a focus on the environmental sustainability of the planet.

Technology-enabled innovations empowers design

With the constant evolution in technology as we enter a new era, intelligent designs have become an important part of people’s daily lives and can be seen in every industry segment as the internet, big data and artificial intelligence reshape the way people produce and consume.

Taking all of these new approaches into account, at CGD 2022, participants were allowed to place their entries in the new Smart Product meta-category. The All-new BMW 7 Series and Blues Smart Panels won the Best Smart Product title, with another 10 products receiving the Smart Product accolade, including the smart food preparation solution i-Kitchen3.0 Smart kitchen and the HPRT GT1 intelligent printer.

These winning works demonstrate how design and technology are integrated into various dimensions of production, life, and ecology. Technology-enabled design innovation will rebuild new networks and relationships between people and ecology, people and healthcare, and people and technology across fields and species.