DeerRun Treadmills announces brand promotion in September

HOUSTON, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DeerRun Treadmills are an important part of the world fitness equipment market. With a commitment to innovation, quality, affordable, and the well-being of customers, DeerRun has become a trusted name in the fitness industry. The whole team will continue the journey to empower individuals on their path to better health effortlessly. 

DeerRun is thrilled to announce the upcoming brand promotion arriving in September. People can get their preferred treadmills at this time.

DeerRun Treadmills

At DeerRun Treadmills, there are different kinds of treadmills, including under-desk treadmills and foldable treadmills.

Under Desk Treadmills

DeerRun under-desk treadmills have new slim bodies with a resistant material design that fits homes and apartments perfectly. It is an ideal choice for people who want to own a highly cost-effective treadmill. Check the advantages of DeerRun under-desk treadmills as below:

LED data(distance, calories, speed, time) display. Compact, easy to store, and save space. Affordable, Everyone can have their treadmill. Easy and convenient installation. Ideal for daily running. 300 lbs maximum weight capacity. 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. 2-year warranty commitment.

Foldable Treadmills

The DeerRun Foldable Treadmill is a reliable running equipment for anyone with limited space. It can quickly and easily be folded up for storage and moved with its built-in wheels. It is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs., and comes with the PitPat health app, which allows runners to track fitness data or share it with their friends. Everyone can experience gaming-level fun with this unique and versatile treadmill.

Brushless motor with lower noise, no load, and full-speed operation producing only 65dB. 300 lbs maximum weight capacity. The four-layer track lets people run more comfortably. Smart treadmills, can link to a fitness app – PitPat.

People can have professional free running courses to run more scientifically and have competitions with others online to have more fun.

New launched pink treadmill.  60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. 2-year warranty commitment.

Why choose DeerRun Treadmills?

After millions of tests, DeerRun finally produced the right treadmills.

12,000 runway tests – run more comfortably.

15,000 fold tests – fold conveniently.

12,000 safety tests – keep runners safe.

10,000 load tests – max 300 lbs.

1,000 designers participated in the product design – chic, trendy appearance.

Brand Promotion Arriving In September
DeerRun has a big brand promotion in September. This is the chance for everyone to have their treadmill effortlessly. Get surprising prices, only in DeerRun.

About DeerRun
DeerRun was built to deliver simple, durable, high-quality home treadmills for people at a fair price. People can run on the treadmill for fun, for health, for the glory. Anyone want treadmills? Just choose DeerRun!

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