Deep Longevity Announces Important Operational Update

HONG KONG, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Endurance RP Limited’s (“Endurance Longevity” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; stock code: 0575.HK) wholly owned subsidiary Deep Longevity, Inc, a Hong Kong-based AI innovator and a leading provider of deep biomarkers of aging and longevity is pleased to announce several important updates which contribute to its growing journey.

Hiring of New Chief Executive Officer

Deep Longevity has hired a new Chief Executive Officer, Deepankar (Deep) Nayak, to bring experienced professional talent to redefine the strategy of the company, and take the organisation forward. Deep has over 17 years of experience in technology consulting having worked with large pharmaceutical customers in the United States (“US”), United Kingdom (“UK”), Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

Building and Commercialisation of Aging Clocks

Deep Longevity is committed to building and commercialising various aging clocks using artificial intelligence (“AI”) led deep learning models. The company is applying special focus to the MindAge© offering as it seek to tap into the robust demand seen in the virtual mental health care market. The total addressable market is approximately US$89 billion (or approximately HK$694.2 billion) in the US only.


Deep Longevity is considering the creation of an enterprise grade MindAge© offering (web and app based) directed at large and mid-sized employers in the US, UK and Europe, which will be the platform of choice for employees to manage their virtual mental well-being in a safe, secure, private and personalized environment within the workplace. This will be the company’s main focus for 2022 and 2023.

Collaboration with Dr. Nancy Etcoff

Deep Longevity announced its collaboration with Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School on 21 June 2022 to create a virtual mental health offering through the deep learning based biomarkers of aging and longevity. In co-authorship with Dr. Etcoff, Deep Longevity has published an article in Aging-US describing a machine learning approach to human psychology: “Optimizing future well-being with artificial intelligence: Self-organizing maps (SOMs) for the identification of islands of emotional stability.”

Development of FuturSelf

FuturSelf, a free self-help application has been developed in collaboration with a leading European insurtech innovation hub to demonstrate the potential of the system. Data obtained on FuturSelf will be used to further develop Deep Longevity’s digital approach via a minimal viable product (MVP) on mental health with the aim of offering the application via a business-to-business (B2B) software as a service (SaaS)© model to insurance companies, large corporates and other employers to allow their employees to track and nurture their own mental health and wellbeing.

To address how mental health can be managed to help employees better cope with job demands and maximize their productivity, Deep Longevity is focused on providing highly scalable and commercial solutions that can be applied cost effectively across all industries. Using Deep Longevity’s digital approach to managing mental health, an invaluable feedback loop is created that can help employees thrive by increasing their motivation and productivity or allowing them to seek important and timely emotional support when required. On a per-employee basis, the cost to employers to provide this essential human resource function can be minimal. Ongoing discussions with large insurance companies and other multinational corporations suggest that the commercial opportunity for Deep Longevity (through FuturSelf and other applications) is immense and geographically scalable across all markets world-wide.

Jamie Gibson, Chief Executive Officer of the Company said, “As one of the forerunners in the longevity AI market, we are thrilled to achieve this remarkable milestone together with the world’s top-notch scientists. We are confident about the future of integrating deep learning AI technologies in human psychology and the development of digital solution to improve people’s mental health and overall well-being.”

Alex Zhavoronkov, Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity commented, “I’ve dedicated a large part of my life towards furthering the science of Longevity and am delighted to announce that DL has found a person who not only shares that passion but also brings the experience of building and commercializing products that will help us take our innovation to global markets. DL’s aging clocks will underpin the research and development that the Longevity industry is going to witness and I’m confident Deep will take our aging clocks to different industries as we discover new applications of this technology.”


About Deep Longevity

Deep Longevity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Endurance Longevity (SEHK:0575.HK), a publicly-traded company. Deep Longevity develops explainable artificial intelligence systems to track the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, physiological, and psychological levels. It is also developing systems for the emerging field of longevity medicine, which enables physicians to make better decisions about interventions that may slow down or reverse the aging processes. Deep Longevity developed the Longevity as a Service (LaaS)© solution to integrate multiple deep biomarkers of aging dubbed “deep aging clocks” to provide a universal multifactorial measure of human biological age.

Originally incubated by Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity began its independent journey in 2020 after securing a round of funding from the most credible venture capitalists specializing in biotechnology, longevity, and artificial intelligence: ETP Ventures; the Human Longevity and Performance Impact Venture Fund; BOLD Capital Partners; Longevity Vision Fund; LongeVC; Michael Antonov, the co-founder of Oculus; and other expert AI and biotechnology investors. Deep Longevity established a research partnership with Human Longevity, Inc., one of the most prominent longevity organizations to provide a range of aging clocks to a network of advanced physicians and researchers.

About Endurance Longevity (Stock code: 0575.HK)

Endurance Longevity is a diversified investment group based in Hong Kong currently holding various corporate and strategic investments focusing on the healthcare, wellness and life sciences sectors. The Group has a strong track record of investments and has returned approximately US$298 million to shareholders in the 21 years of financial reporting since its initial public offering.

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