DeeDa Breaks New Ground in Singapore with Comprehensive One-Stop Charity Fundraising Solution

SINGAPORE, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a landmark move, DeeDa.Care, Singapore’s one-stop charity fundraising solution platform, has announced the launch of its one of a kind tailor-made suite of fundraising tools. Being the first and only technology-based platform in Singapore that provides this suite of fundraising tools specifically aimed at solving the unique challenges faced by local charity organisations, it offers partners an unprecedented opportunity to raise funds with greater efficiency, while concurrently lowering associated costs.

DeeDa is the latest online charity fundraising platform in Singapore to be recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Since its establishment in 2019, DeeDa has strictly adhered to the Code of Practice for Online Charitable Fund-Raising Appeals which underscores the commitment to the highest standards of data security, fund transparency, and robust internal control. Charitable fundraising efforts facilitated through DeeDa are entitled to apply for the Enhanced Fundraising Programme (EFR) put forward by the Tote Board, which doubles the funds raised and impact.

In a testament to its growing influence, DeeDa has successfully onboarded 57 local charities, carving a significant footprint in the charitable landscape of Singapore. DeeDa’s proven track record underscores its effectiveness in accelerating fundraising for partner organisations. Evidenced by past case studies and experiences, DeeDa’s platform can enhance fundraising efforts by an impressive margin, with potential increases of up to 50%.

The comprehensive charity fundraising solutions are developed by capitalising on DeeDa’s robust technical prowess as well as learnings from the vast experience of supporting each partner’s specific fundraising projects while considering real-world scenarios. The solution is a holistic package, encapsulating the expansion of fundraising channels, augmenting donor engagement, and streamlining the administrative and financial workflow of the fundraising activities. This exciting development heralds a new digital era in charity fundraising, one that is defined by efficiency, inclusivity, and innovation.

Core technology highlights of DeeDa are provided as follow:

POS Machines

With a quick tap from donors’ phones or credit cards, donors can make a donation to a designated campaign, allowing credit card donations whenever, wherever.

Postal Donations Management

Manage donor’s information conveniently in the DeeDa backend after collecting the mailer from postal donation drives and with ease of credit card donation processing via DeeDa’s secure CVV-exemption technology.

Auction Management

Auction tech infrastructure that includes a dedicated auction page to showcase all auction item listings and allow donors to place bids as they wish. Also equipped with real-time auction alerts, payment links, backend details to save all the admin hassles.

Big Screen Fundraising

Create a stir for in-person events with DeeDa’s Big Screen Fundraising feature. Real-time donation progress and notifications will be showcased on screen to hype up the crowd.

Gerald Koh, executive director of National Arthritis Foundation, said that “we were very impressed by the real-time fundraising technology powered by DeeDa during our charity gala dinner. It was very well-received by all our distinguished guests, including President Madam Halimah Yacob. The seamless donation experience proved effective in bringing us additional donations that evening.”