Dedication, For A Smarter Future: H3C Supports Chinese Companies Going Global

HANGZHOU, China, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a rapidly evolving technological landscape that is reshaping industries worldwide, businesses are seizing unprecedented opportunities. Chinese companies, facing heightened competition in the domestic market, seek new avenues for growth in broader international markets. In this context, the H3C NAVIGATE 2023 Summit kicked off recently in Hangzhou, China. During the event, H3C hosted a forum themed “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, specifically tailored to assist Chinese companies in their global expansion efforts and explore effective methods and strategies for Chinese businesses as they establish or strengthen their presence in international markets.  

Gary Huang, Co-president and President of International Business of H3C

In the midst of a global shift towards a digital economy, Chinese companies are recognizing the vast potential that arises from the transformation of traditional industries and the rapid growth of emerging sectors. Gary Huang, Co-president and President of International Business of H3C said, “It is a natural step for Chinese companies to move into global markets, and, by that token, H3C’s international business serves as a formidable catalyst for its ongoing growth. Just as H3C has done so in its domestic activities, H3C ‘Partner First’ approach is also a cornerstone of its globalization roadmap. One notable example of the implementation of the approach is how H3C is helping Chinese businesses improve their digital competitiveness and comply with international trade compliance as they execute on their overseas projects. With opportunities emerging in the dynamic digital economy, H3C collaborates closely with its partners, offering technical solutions, services, logistics and compliance support. These synergistic collaborations pave the way for us to further growth.”

Chinese companies venturing into international markets are placing increasing emphasis on standardized operations, delivery experience and service coverage. Zhang Lisong, general manager of the department responsible for supporting Chinese companies’ global expansion of the International Business of H3C, said in the keynote speech at the forum, “Since 2019 when H3C announced its globalization roadmap, the department has been dedicated to expanding product and service offerings in three key areas: digital infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing and internet services (ISPs). Looking ahead, H3C plans to collaborate with Chinese companies in replicating their domestic success by implementing proven digital technologies in overseas markets. Leveraging its robust partner ecosystem, H3C is committed to taking the lead in facilitating the digital transformation journey for Chinese companies expanding their global presence.

The transportation industry, a vital pillar of digital infrastructure, is undergoing a transformative process driven by the effective implementation of science-based practices supported by intelligent technologies. H3C, with its 19 extensive years of expertise and experience in the transportation sector, has already established a strong reputation in overseas markets due to its professional service capabilities.

During the event, technical experts from H3C shared with guests H3C’s significant contributions to the development of new metro lines in Monterrey, Mexico. As Mexico’s third largest city and a cultural hub, Monterrey has been chosen as the host city for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The three newly-constructed metro lines will serve as the backbone of the city’s Digital-rail Rapid Transit (DRT) network. The government of Nuevo León, with Monterrey as its capital, not only highlights the importance of the new lines in promoting the use of public transportation, but also fully expects to complete construction of the lines in time for 2026 event. All three lines will be equipped solely with “Smart Rail” trains as Monterrey implements smart low-carbon mobility solutions in moves to create a green and sustainable urban environment.

Some of the Chinese companies expanding into international markets have taken a different approach: they are leveraging their competitive capabilities in smart manufacturing to accelerate their expansion. The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has transformed the strategies employed by businesses worldwide. Digital factories, for instance, are witnessing the evolution of smart manufacturing, which presents new challenges in terms of production, development, office and collaboration. To address these challenges, H3C has developed a customized “Digital Brain” specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry. The comprehensive solution encompasses network, cloud-based infrastructure, two platforms and a system specifically designed for the industry segment. The “Digital Brain” supports the entire digital management process from data collection, data processing and data interpretation to data learning and data protection. Leveraging its experience in digital transformation, H3C has developed innovative solutions, including H3C Mall, a full-stack ICT e-commerce platform. These offerings provide manufacturing companies with new avenues for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Chinese companies are currently facing increasing demand for data centers as they undergo comprehensive digital transformation in their international operations. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C provides reliable consulting services for the entire data center lifecycle, from project planning, approval, design, implementation and verification to operation. With a proven track record of successful cases worldwide, these services enable customers to optimize their upfront investments, streamline construction cycles, and adapt swiftly to evolving business requirements.

Chinese companies have a significant opportunity for further growth in overseas markets, as these years have been seeing rapidly increasing demands for high-quality digitalization. H3C recognizes this potential and aims to collaborate with its partners to fully capitalize on the opportunities arising. With a focus on promoting the digital transformation across industries, companies and communities, H3C plans to realize its vision of “Dedication, For A Smarter Future” by helping Chinese companies gain name recognition worldwide with the support of its customers and partners. H3C is committed to promoting the growth of digital economy with advanced digital technologies to benefit all.