David Licauco’s Gaabor Christmas Budol Sale live on 12.12 (TikTok)

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The newest face of Gaabor, the phenomenal actor David Licauco, will be livestreaming the brand’s grandest Christmas Budol Sale on 12.12 from 7 pm to 8 pm!

Join David Licauco’s Live this 1212

Indeed, Christmas is coming early and David is delivering it to you, Gaaborkadas!

David, who’s the first Philippine endorser of the best-selling Southeast Asian small appliance brand, is excited to showcase the various Gaabor items on SALE – with up to 80% off! Take advantage also of the free shipping as well as freebies to light up your holiday.

Treating yourself and your family with brand-new appliances this holiday season is made easier. You only need to join David on his livestreaming from wherever you may be and check which items would bring much comfort and convenience to your home or workplace.

Just like David, many of us are busy with our respective careers and personal concerns; hence, time matters much to us. A little help from Gaabor would certainly make our house chores a lot easier to handle; considering that Gaabor’s innovative household products are designed to turn time-consuming chores into lighter tasks. 

David’s favorite Gaabor products are the following: kitchen appliances like the 3L Rice Cooker, 2L Electric Pot, sandwich maker, and air fryers with different capacities.

Aside from the brand’s functionality goal, David admires Gaabor’s aesthetics. Their designs are sleek and easy on the eyes, he shared. True, we couldn’t help but agree!


With so many special people on our gift list for Christmas, wouldn’t it be nice to find some really great treats to make our holiday shopping a lot easier and more fun?

There are many products to choose from that would be suitable as gifts to bring joy to those special persons on your list.

Thinking of special prizes for the holiday get-togethers? Look no far.

Just mark the date–12.12–and join David from 7 pm onward and get a chance to win giveaways!

Make sure to follow @gaaborph as there are upcoming campaigns and giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram for 12.12!