DataYoo Revolutionizes Precision Agriculture with AI Satellite-Powered FarmiSpace Platform

TAIPEI, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DataYoo, a leading agritech company, is transforming precision agriculture with its innovative FarmiSpace platform. By harnessing high-resolution satellite data, DataYoo empowers global farmers to optimize resources, boost yields, and promote sustainability through data-driven decision-making.

With features like digital field management and AI crop recognition, FarmiSpace empowers farmers globally, boosting yields and sustainability.

FarmiSpace offers unparalleled precision with 3×3 meter resolution satellite data, surpassing competitors’ 10×10 to 250×250 meter resolutions. This precision allows farmers to monitor their fields daily, detecting subtle changes in crop health, water stress, and growth patterns.

For just USD 42/year, smallholder farmers can monitor two hectares of land daily. This affordable pricing, coupled with flexible service options, democratizes access to advanced agricultural technology.

The platform’s features include:

Digital field management: Farmers can digitally map their fields, set planting cycles, and track crop progress. Advanced warning system: Custom alerts notify farmers of potential issues before they escalate. AI-powered crop recognition: Automatic identification of crop types and distribution.

DataYoo’s impact extends beyond individual farms. In Guatemala, the company has partnered with Misión De Taiwán, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and local organizations to establish weather stations and experimental fields. By integrating data from multiple sources, DataYoo has helped local farmers.

The company’s predictive models boast an impressive accuracy rate of 80% to 99.8%. This capability allows governments to anticipate potential crop failures and take proactive measures to ensure food security.

DataYoo’s success stories include:

Increased broccoli yields by 32%. Developed local corn growth models. Increased crop growth rates by 119% by precision irrigation. Reduced uneven growth from 33.27% to 7.52% by data-driven pest management. Increased watermelon yields by 27%.

This year, DataYoo aims to help Guatemalan farmers increase crop yields by over 10%, save at least 50% on irrigation water, and reduce carbon emissions by 560 kg/hectare.

DataYoo’s innovation has earned global acclaim, with an invitation to 2024 WTO Forum, affirming its leadership the AgTech industry.

“FarmiSpace is the ideal platform for farmers who want to adopt technology, combining technological applications with traditional practices to help farmers stay competitive in the market,” says Dafne, an agricultural expert working with DataYoo in Guatemala.

As global agriculture faces challenges from climate change and resource scarcity, FarmiSpace has expanded its support to Southeast Asia, offering solutions for tropical and subtropical crops such as oil palm, banana, mango, and pineapple, helping farmers worldwide adopt precision agriculture for a sustainable future.

For more information, please visit FarmiSpace website.

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