Data Terminator Launches MoDE Kit(TM) – The First of Its Kind Mobile Device Erasure in Singapore

~ Safeguarding Your Data, Saving Our Planet ~

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore’s homegrown data sanitization company, Data Terminator, is pleased to announce the launch of the MoDE KitTM, a piece of smart equipment developed and manufactured in Singapore with the capabilities of thoroughly wiping data from mobile devices – perfect for the government sector, corporations, financial institutions, and practically any industry that requires regular removal of highly sensitive data and personal records in their mobile devices like mobile phones, iPad, tablets. 

MoDE Kit

A recognised leader in data sanitization in Singapore and the region with over 15 years of industry experience, Data Terminator, in collaboration with A*STAR’s Innovation Factory @ SIMTech, took 2 years to conceptualise, develop and build the innovative MoDE KITTM. The MoDE KITTM has 8 slots for mobile devices, and hence, possesses the capability of erasing data from 8 mobile phones, or a combination of both mobile phones and tablets, simultaneously, and is particularly user-friendly with its one-touch screen. MoDE KITTM is the first portable mobile device data erasure equipment and is 100% developed and made in Singapore.

With more and more businesses suffering from data breaches and with an increase in scale, frequency, or sophistication of these attempts, safe and secure data erasure has become even more pressing in this day and age. 

Traditional methods such as deleting and reformatting the local storage of a mobile device, or ‘resetting to factory settings’ do not completely remove data. The MoDE KITTM is not limited by the capabilities of the laptop or PC that the mobile devices are connected to, meaning that wiping data from devices can be done more efficiently, thoroughly, and in a shorter time.

Data erasure ensures sensitive information and even the OS on the mobile device is completely wiped out and rendered unrecoverable while allowing the devices to be reused, putting a halt to the detrimental throwaway culture, and allowing companies to save on replacing the devices.

More importantly, with the MoDE KITTM and its advanced data erasure solution, Data Terminator aims to encourage corporations to prolong their perfectly usable mobile devices, get much more mileage from their investments, and reuse these devices instead of prematurely destroying them, significantly reducing e-waste.

In 2019 alone, it was reported that a record 48.6 million tons (53.6 million metric tonnes) of e-waste, with mobile devices contributing to approximately half of the total amount of e-waste produced by corporations, adversely affecting our environment while exposing sensitive data to criminal exploitation. 

In addition, Data Terminator has joined hands with some charity organisations and volunteer community initiatives to data wipe used computing devices and donate them to school-going children from low-income families. This initiative not only benefits the recipients but also lessens the impact of e-waste on our environment, not to mention giving perfectly functional phones and tablets a new lease of life. As part of their CSR programme, Data Terminator works closely with and donates erased devices to Maitreya Foundation, a children’s home that focuses on providing education to the underprivileged children of Nepal.

“New mobile devices are launched every year and as consumers pursue the latest models, the life cycle of phones and tablets has become shorter. Cyber security has also become a pressing issue. Hence, we feel that there is an unprecedented opportunity for our services and equipment in the market,” explains Mr Donald Wee, founder and CEO of Data Terminator, “With MoDE KITTM’s versatile and secure data erasure system, we can safely wipe out data, including sensitive personal information, comply with current privacy regulations, and assist companies to be more sustainable, or allow us to donate the devices to the underprivileged.”

MoDE KITTM completes data erasure in 15 to 20 minutes for 8 mobile phones, or a combination of both mobile phones and tablets, simultaneously. It comes with a one-year service warranty, and pre-installed with Cyber Security Agency’s approved Singapore Common Criteria certified erasure software-Securaze Mobile.

Debuting at the 2022 GovWare Conference & Exhibition (18th to 20th October), early adopters’ demand for the MoDE KITTM is expected to come from government and financial institutions, hospitals, banks, and insurance agencies, followed by enterprises and SMEs, used devices traders, as well as consumer-targeted vendors such as mobile repair shops.

To witness the capabilities of the MoDE KITTM, visit Data Terminator’s booth number E28 in the SG Pavilion of the upcoming 2022 GovWare Conference & Exhibition.

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