Dahua Launches Wireless Series Cameras for Smart and Efficient Small Business Operations

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, unveiled the Dahua Wireless Series at an online launch event. Featuring the Turret, Picoo, Bullet, and Hero series, this lineup is designed to provide smart and efficient security solutions for the day-to-day operations of small commercial establishments.

With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in consumer needs, the security camera market is facing diversified demands. After a series of innovations and research, Dahua launched its wireless camera range adopting the latest wireless technology. This lineup features easy-to-operate with intelligent functions to provide security and convenience for various small and medium-sized scenarios.

With wireless and ‘plug-and-play’ features, these new products offer a user-friendly configuration that addresses common monitoring challenges such as complex wiring and difficult debugging. In addition to security, some models integrate AI with accurate detection, as well as real-time notifications, privacy mode, two-way talk, and other functions to meet various business needs. Users can also remotely operate and manage devices through the Dahua Mobile Security Surveillance (DMSS) application and the Dahua Security System (DSS) software. These cameras serve not only as security guards but also as convenient and efficient tools for smarter business management, making them ideal for coffee shops, retail stores, supermarkets, and other small businesses.

Dahua Wireless Hero Series: Smart Shop Assistant

The Hero Series camera includes A1 and C1 models, offering different aesthetics without compromising key features including:

360° Monitoring Without Blind Spots: The camera can be controlled through the DMSS app to ensure that all the corners of the site are fully monitored. Focus on Human Targets: Human targets in the scene are detected and tracked; movement path is provided for further analysis. Privacy Mode: The camera can be lowered through the DMSS app to effectively protect people’s privacy. Communication Anytime, Anywhere: Convenient for remote communication; users can talk to people on the scene through the DMSS app at any time.

The Hero Series also allows recording and playback in HD and provides clear night-time images – thanks to powerful IR illumination up to a distance of 10m. Push notifications are also immediately sent to the user’s mobile phone via the app when an event is detected.

An example application scenario of the Hero Series is at an independent coffee shop. When the shop is closed, the owner or manager can monitor the premises in real time, controlling the camera via the app. During opening hours, all incidents are recorded and the owner of the store can view what is happening and speak with staff using the two-way audio.

To learn more about the Dahua Wireless Series, please visit the official page here.