DAHON Reveals Breakthrough ‘V-Tech’ Speed Technology at Taipei Cycle Show 2024

TAIPEI, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DAHON, a global leader in folding bikes, recently unveiled its groundbreaking ‘DAHON V Tech’ Speed Technology, patented components, and trendy accessories at the Nangang Exhibition Center, showcased at booth L0727 on the 4th floor of Hall 1, during the Taipei Cycle Show 2024, Asia’s largest cycle trade show. 

DAHON’s Pioneering ‘V Tech’ Speed Technology

At the forefront of the exhibition, DAHON’s founder, Dr. David T. Hon, introduced the ‘DAHON V Tech’ to an enthusiastic audience. This technology stems from DAHON’s commitment to innovation in the folding bicycle space. Dr. Hon’s R&D team has uncovered a significant leap in performance; their enhanced folding bikes now surpass the speed of many traditional road and mountain bikes.

‘DAHON V Tech’ addresses widespread design inefficiencies in bike frames that lead to power loss during pedaling. Through structural physics, finite element analysis, and advanced strain gauge testing, DAHON has redefined frame stiffness and efficiency, delivering a universally faster ride across all bicycle types.

DAHON has established an advanced methodology to refine their “V Tech,” focusing on structural physics, finite element analysis, strain gauge assessments, and innovative frame stiffness evaluation during pedaling. Dr. Hon has released one academic paper detailing this technology on the DAHON website, with three more papers scheduled for release later this year.

To further attract industry attention, DAHON also launched a thrilling “Cycling Challenge”, showing the prowess of its ‘V Tech’ speed technology which garnered wide attention throughout the event.

At the competition, participants raced on various DAHON bikes, including models with the new technology, across two categories with differentiated slopes and distances.

The competition featured six bikes, including three utilizing “DAHON V Tech”: the latest DAHON 700C road bike, P18 aluminum folding bike, and P18 carbon fiber folding bike. The competition was divided into two categories: Professional (slope: 4.2%, distance: 500m) and Standard (slope: 1.4%, distance: 500m).

Over the course of three days, competitor Mr. Zhang triumphed in the Professional category, earning a US$2,000 prize for his remarkable 5-minute and 41-second cumulative time. The DAHON 700C road bike emerged as the fastest, underscoring the technology’s capability.

Exhibition Standouts and Product Highlights

The range of products featuring ‘V Tech’, includes:

700C Wheel Road Bike: DAHON’s premier 700C aluminum frame road bike boasting ‘V Tech’, demonstrating a 20%-30% increase in rigidity over standard frames. K-Feather E-bike: An ultralight electric-assist bike tipping the scales at just 12kg, making it DAHON’s lightest E-bike with ‘V Tech’ integration. BOARDWALK D7: The classic British-style folding bike is now enhanced with DAHON’s DETECH cable for improved durability and ride experience.

Fostering Innovation with ‘Sharing 360’

With over 500 patents, DAHON’s ‘Sharing 360’ initiative was also in the spotlight, promoting industry collaboration through access to DAHON’s extensive patent portfolio. Featured products included the 2nd gen. Internal V Handlepost, the DELTECH cable, and high-quality carbon fiber wheelsets. Additionally, DAHON’s chic cycling accessories garnered considerable interest.

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Dr. David T. Hon, the founder of the DAHON Group, made a special appearance to unveil the groundbreaking “DAHON V Tech” which garnered widespread attention and acclaim at the exhibition.


DAHON 700C road bike showcased remarkable speed, successfully clinching the winner as the fastest bike, outperforming bikes from other brands.


The range of products featuring ‘V Tech’: 700C Wheel Road Bike (Top), K-Feather E-bike (Bottom Left), BOARDWALK D7 (Bottom Right)